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Estella Katina Cow Says

*This is the best Video Ever!!! *April Fools! (April Fools about this best video ever, NOT that Jesus is my friend... I've been "zapped"!)

Here's the Thing

Everybody I know says they need just one thing And what they really mean is that they need just one thing more And everybody seems to think they've got it coming Well I know that I don't deserve You Still I want to love and serve You more and more You're my one thing Save me from those things that might distract me Please take them away and purify my heart I don't want to lose the eternal for the things that are passing 'Cause what will I have when the world is gone If it isn't for the love that goes on and on with My one thing You're my one thing And the pure in heart will see God Lyrics by Rich Mullins from "My One Thing" This song keeps floating around in my head. I know I've mentioned this before , but I love Mullin's gift of songwriting. I love his way with words. I love that he is now realizing the full glory of all that he marveled at and longed for while here on earth! "The stuff of Earth competes For the al

March: "In like a Lamb, Out Like a Lion"

Beginning The Path to More Snow

Winter into Spring into Winter in Spring

Last Saturday was a gorgeous March Spring day. We went to my folks to commiserate with them about having to have their yard (and gardens) torn up to replace some pipes. My Dad and Mike are discussing the details. This is snow in our entryway at bed time Friday night. Late. It's an experimental night shot taken with our camera. I rather like the lighting. This is the same view in the morning. There is a mound of difference between last night and this morning and between last Saturday and this Saturday! Fire, Smoke, Ashes, Cinders, Sparks and Warmth. By the fireside is where we stayed while it snowed last night.

Atomic FireBalls Arouse Sweet and Hot Memories

When we were young kids, my brother Steve and I used to walk along some railroad tracks that ran down the middle of a street dividing lanes of traffic. We walked to a small market where we each bought about 50 cents worth of candy; enough to fill a small brown paper bag. We bought Atomic FireBalls, Pixie Stix, Black Cows, Zots, Sweetarts (two 1 ½ inch disks per package), Milk Duds, Chik-O-Stix, Bottle Caps, Razzles, Pop Rocks and other novelty type candy. As we walked along the tracks back home we’d enjoy our sweet treats looking forward to the next activity which could be paper dolls for me and riding a skateboard for Steve. This was back in the day when boys didn’t have specialty shops for skateboard clothing or gear and no helmets, knee or elbow pads were worn. Today when Christine and I were at Hobby Lobby and were walking toward the check-out lanes, I noticed a package of Atomic FireBall candies. I bought them for old time's sake. My brother and I used to buy these hot indivi

"You Never (Never with Some Power) Outgrow Your Need For The Gospel"

John Piper in a Sermon Jam (and I don't mean like a "traffic jam" or "strawberry jam" I mean like "music jam"!) And just in case the "Sermon Jam" link does not open for you, go to this site and listen to John Piper's Strength Remix in Volume 5 of the Jam Volumes! And while you're there in Volume 5 after listening to Strength Remix , my suggestion is to click on John Piper's Fly to Him (because for me, it was a tie between these two for a Sermon Jam Post. Mike made a decision and broke the tie for me!) so after listening to the two which tied, if you please, check out the other Sermon Jams too!

Here's the Dirt

If you’ve been to Lindsborg, you’ve seen the dala horse theme around town. The traditional dala horse is “Swedish red”, but several years back Lindsborg had a “wild dala” thing going in which “a large herd of alternately decorated” dalas were creatively designed and decorated by local artists and each dala horse has a special place embellishing my small town adding to Lindsborg’s special-ness. See more of Lindsborg’s wild dalas ! Mike was playing his guitar and wearing his “dirty dala” t-shirt (Hand-Dyed in Real Kansas Dirt). He then was drinking from our dala mug. Though most Swedes would drink coffee, this Scottish/Irish/Swedish/All American is drinking Earl Grey tea! Speaking of coffee, Here is a joke that I like Mike to tell: A news reporter heard about the Swede named Ole who is said to drink 12 POTS of coffee a day and thought this would be a good story to report. Reporter : Ole, we understand that you drink 12 pots of coffee per day. Ole : Ya, I tink dats about right. Repor

Music Is What Feelings Sound Like (Anon.)

In September of 2008 I wrote about my Zune 80 GB MP3 player and the frustrations , headaches and 2 nd thoughts I was having about it. Admittedly I was having some fun listening to music and condensing 100s of cds to an MP3 player similar in size to a cell phone, but after such frustrations, the honest truth is I am still trying to convince myself about the whole Microsoft Zune thing, (instead of an iPod ) which makes me question: a. my wisdom and b. product superiority However, since we made the perceptually informed decision on the Zune player and because of time spent on crashes causing inability to return the player for a refund , (We sent it in to the company for an exchange) a Zune is what is storing our tunes. It took me all this time to find the wherewithal to try it again! It was like a dark Zune path was stretching before me and I was lacking the adventurous spirit to move ahead! But when the path was finally taken it was smoother than I expected and the end r

Grammy's Six Sweet Little Leprechauns (Taken on St. Patricks Day)

Eleanor Olivia, Sean Donovan and Chloe Avanelle Naomi Paige, Marcail Lynne and Henry Alexander

A Little Music for St. Patrick's Day played by Joel Mabus on His Dad's Taylor Guitar

Yep another YouTube video! As I shared before we don't have cable or satellite TV. That could be, may be and probably is weird. Our neighbor who is fairly new to the area called the other day to ask which cable company we use. I told him that he surely already knew we were a little weird, but that we have no cable or satellite TV which may further confirm our weirdness! He graciously answered, "No. Actually you're probably wise." Hmmmmm. Weird or wise? I'm sure one of those adjectives describe us! What does this have to do with Saint Patrick's Day and YouTube? I'm sure it has something to do with a screen, whether television or computer, but more to do with a young man playing an Irish ditty I hope you'll like!

Here's The Thing

I love (okay I LIKE) Mr. Adrian Monk. We don't actually have cable or satellite TV, but we started watching Monk by checking out DVDs at the public library. We got "hooked" and have bought a few seasons and some friends and a daughter have a few seasons, so we've swapped and shared DVDs. Things I've wondered: 1. Is there another actor besides Tony Sholoub who could play the part of Monk? 2. Do you have a favorite episode? 3. Who is your favorite character other than Monk? (Yes I realize that three is an odd number of questions)...(shudder) Wipe. Wipe!

Some Months are Just Like That!

We celebrated four March birthdays in our family this evening! Little Miss Eleanor is wearing her flower headband gift and holding her book called "Ellie's Tea Party". Eleanor is shortened to "Ellie" very often, so the book was perfect! Olivia's birthday was March 10th. Mike's on the 14th. Eleanor on the 28th and Christine's was March 2nd. Happy March Birthdays!

From Above

Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow. James 1:17 Happy Birthday to Mike on March 14th! He is a good and perfect-for-me gift! This is not a photo of Mike ready to catch his guitar, but it sure could be.

Sunday Tears of Joy/Long Story Short

This past Sunday in the Family Bible Hour, John, my dear brother in Christ and one of our elders, taught and preached on Chapter 20 of the 1689 London Baptist Confession called “Of the Gospel, and of the Extent of the Grace Thereof.” Paragraph 2 of this chapter reads: "This promise of Christ, and salvation by him, is revealed only by the Word of God; neither do the works of creation or providence, with the light of nature, make discovery of Christ, or of grace by him, so much as in a general or obscure way; much less that men destitute of the revelation of Him by the promise or gospel, should be enabled thereby to attain saving faith or repentance." You may wonder how these words could bring anyone to tears since they are somewhat heavy! But the heaviness was dispelled as John opened God's word and communicated through the Holy Spirit Who showed me God's grace! Romans 10:14-17 I was moved to tears of joy (again) at God’s mercy, grace and love in calling me to Him


Bravo! What a great play! We were able to see it Saturday and so enjoyed it! Here is the program blurb: CHRIS GATES, DIRECTOR (Our daughter, Olivia's husband) Chris Gates is a professor in the Communications Department. He graduated from Central Christian College with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Communication in the spring of '05. He then attended Kansas State University where he graduated with a Master's of Arts degree in theatre in the spring of '07. "I became interested in theatre in high school when a friend convinced me to take a class with him. He promised that I would not have to get on stage or be in any productions. Ten years later, here I am!" Chris has been in numerous productions as an actor and, while a student at Central Christian, he learned the joy of directing while in charge of three productions. In the spring of '08, Chris directed his master's thesis. Faces From War, a collection of stories from World War II veterans.

BROKEN THINGS Written and Performed by Julie Miller

You can have my heart Though it isn't new It's been used and broken And only comes in blue It's been down a long road And it got dirty on the way If I give it to you will you make it clean And wash the shame away You can have my heart If you don't mind broken things You can have my life if you don't mind these tears Well I heard that you make old things new So I give these pieces all to you If you want it you can have my heart So beyond repair Nothing I could do I tried to fix it myself But it was only worse when I got through Then you walked into my darkness And you speak words so sweet And you hold me like a child Till my frozen tears fall at your feet Disclaimer: I may not have used each visual for the lyrical interpretation, but this is a sweet song and the best I could find on YouTube. Enjoy! (Christine says, "Oh Mom. You worry too much!" I say, "I know. (Sigh) "I always worry about offending or being misunderstood. It's probably pri

Hot Chocolate and Yummy Sweet Chocolate Strawberry Strata at Mom M's

Several years back we bought this sweet tomten set at the Swedish Crafts in town for Mike's mom, Marylin. Today she had Christine and me over for an afternoon sweet treat in celebration of Christine's birthday. Marylin, my mom-in-law...and the black fur around her neck is a poodle named Jody. I like dogs! But as Ken Ham says, "Now before the poodle lovers of the world unite, I do not hate poodles. They may be degenerate mutants , but they are cute ones! " (Though I may have to disagree with Ken Ham on the "cute" part, especially when she barks up a storm and gets underfoot whenever anyone make a move for the door!) You can see I got a photo shot of Jody's backside. She usually does a whole wrap-around the neck thing, but today she just flopped over. There are some animals that help give a reality check about my perceived need for a dog. Jody is my reality check! But the dog "stole" aside, my mom-in-law is a jewel! Happy Birthday, dear Chr

Riding Horseback Through Horsethief Canyon at Kanopolis Lake in Celebration of Christine's Birthday, Kansas and God's Creation

Here's my stack of books and the journal I intended to enjoy while Joanna and Christine rode horses for 2 and 1/2 hours. I dropped the girls off at Rockin K Corral, drove to the entrance of Horsethief Canyon and had a change of heart and mind. I drove back and they were still getting saddled and preparing for the ride. Wrangler Walt was happy to add another rider and he proved to be a great guide! Joanna and Christine took a brisk walk in the chilly Kansas wind to get warmed up for the ride. Christine, Joanna, Amarillo and Wrangler Walt Christine and Wonder I'm on Holly. She's a sweet one. And for the record, let me say again as I did while riding the trail surrounded by beautiful limestone and sandstone, rolling hills, pasture and prarie land and the yucca just turning spring green under a big blue sky, "God is good and I love Kansas!"

A Near Boatload of Photos from Tab's Visit and Christine's Birthday!

Christine, Tab, me and Mom We met my folks at the Cracker Barrel near Wichita. If we'd have known about the 2nd flight delay, we'd have spent more time in the gift shop! (Notice the "John Deere Green Goods" in the background? I can only imagine that green has made John Deere a lot of "green"!) After two delays and flight reschedules, Tab finally got to head back home to her family in Florida. It was so good to have her home for awhile! Christine's birthday was the same day Tab left for home so it was a rather strange birthday celebration, somehow sweet and bitter. These photos are from Tab's 5 day visit and from our celebration of Christine's 19 th birthday. Pei Wei is a restaurant in Wichita that my folks really like. On our way home after saying goodbye to Tab, we ate there in celebration of Christine's birthday! Mike, Tabitha, Olivia and Christine went bowling! Fun! Steve and Kelly at The Anchor Inn Me and my brother, Steve