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Sights Around Wichita On Our Way To The Airport!!

   What comes to mind when you see this symbol?    I took this photo in the airport. I was intrigued by this sign as I thought about how "family and special needs" fit together! About a minute after I took it, an airport authority came over to our table. It was like he came out of nowhere! He let me know I was not allowed to take photos of the passenger security check-in area. When I told him I was taking photos of the sign, maybe he wondered why, but he seemed satisfied. Tabitha, happy to be off the plane and back in Kansas! James, happy about the same things though he much prefers Florida! As is evident by the first photos, it was a perfectly lovely spring day that cannot be denied! Silly boy Henry Giggly girls, Naomi and Marcail We stopped at the park where Liv and the kids were playing. Here are sisters Tabitha and Olivia greeting one another!

Sunday Drive and Eleanor's Birthday

Sean, Eleanor and Olivia with Eleanor's "Purse Cake" Olivia posted   better   pictures . Eleanor is waiting for cake! How 'bout a bite of cake over here! Mike reaching for Chloe Oh no!! Mike is pulling the plug! When I saw this I said, "Oh man! I look ticked off!" Mike said, "No Honey, you look tired." So he takes me out for a relaxing country drive which is almost always reviving! Here's a road we took on our long drive home via country roads... ...even after reading this sign. Mike explained that the road is not wet it is "damp". It took awhile for my heart to stop racing, but I will say that Mike is a good navigator. He also drives in reverse quite well... A calf in the middle of the road Another calf on the wrong side of the fence  and an agitated Mama Cow Arborvitae and Kansas sky A decorative wall in a country cemetery Peek-a-boo Moon Back in town  Bethany Lutheran Church steeple and Swedish inscription

Birthday Buzz: Happy Birthday #3 to Little Miss Eleanor!

Along The Road

 1952 DESOTO Red Barns One in Spring Green Wheat One in a Grassy Pasture This is one of our favorite church buildings.  I can't seem to get enough of it! It sits out on the Kansas Prarie and many features seem to draw our attention upward as if pointing heavenward.

"First It's Candy... Then It's Gum"

Razzles and "ABC" (Already Been Chewed) gum! They start out seeming like a semisweet and semitart candy then turn to gum! Thanks for the great guesses! Easter egg dye! Yes!! I can certainly see the resemblance! Rolos! These are chocolate covered caramels  individually wrapped in special gold foil! Yum! I remember the Rolos' ad jingle song, though maybe not word for word: "There are lots of chewy Rolos in a roll for you If you're choosy 'bout what you chew. Real milk chocolate and caramel too! To chew, chew, chew chew chew-chew-chew!!" And Chris' daughter was so CLOSE that if there was a prize  (a prize package of Razzles) she'd get it! If you had enough Razzles you could certainly build with them, especially since the gum could be used as mortar! I don't remember Razzles ever being advertised. Maybe someone needs to come up with a jingle for Razzles!

Can you name this candy? Or is it candy?

Early Spring "Hiding Secrets"

"The last fling of winter is over ... The earth, the soil itself, has a dreaming quality about it. It is warm now to the touch; it has come alive; it hides secrets that in a moment, in a little while, it will tell." - Donald Culross Peattie "Hiding Secrets" Crabapple Tree Buds Ornamental Peach Tree Buds Lilac Buds Mountain Laurel/Rhododendron Buds

Here's the Thing: Howdy Neighbor!

Mike and I were driving on the long driveway we share with our neighbor. Our neighbor, who we rarely see, was coming home as we were leaving. I waved enthusiastically then I asked Mike if he thought that was silly of me. He answered, “We’re called to love our neighbors. The least we could do is  wave to them.”