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Giovanni Baglioni - Arrowhead (Michael Hedges)

The original "Arrowhead" via Michael Hedges, The Original!

The Grands and Great-Grandad Dale

July 2012

Check Chet, Brubeck and Bartholomew

Tomato Pickin'

Great Grandpa B. invited the grandkids to pick tomatoes in his backyard.  Mike snapped some photos on that 100 degrees-plus day! Love!

"Apple Bonkers"

"I've never admitted it before, but my cousin is the blue-bird of happiness! ", said Captain Meanier. From Beatles, Yellow Submarine (Movie) highly reccomended for graphic art, music and delight Look for the Cool Motorcycle Helmet at about :31.

Cool Motorcycle Helmets!

There was a motorcycle rally near our small town recently. I didn't go. I didn't even see them pass through, but Mike happened to see some! He told me about some wild helmets he saw. I was sorry I'd missed the show! I would have liked to snap some photos of the cycles AND the helmets. I think helmets are smart and wise when driving a motorcycle, but maybe they are perceived as uncool? I don't know about that, but I do know they don't have to be!  This video shows some wildly cool, customized helmets! (I sure would like to see some cool and pretty feminine helmets too!) Cool Motorcycle Helmets! from Michael Ayalon on Vimeo .

All the grands pink and blue!

July 2012 (Lily was taking a much needed nap during this photo op!) Yea for Tab and Liv getting these photos!


I'm not complaining! How often mess is made in a flurry of imaginative gusto or in the process of creative fun! How often is there order to the mess! Hurray for Tab's mess-making!  She is often mess-making in the kitchen!  That's delicious! And the messes get cleaned up!

Make-a-Face Making

Make-a-Plate Making

Making Make-a-Plates Some of the finished papers now ready to send  off and have them made into plates! The girls and I began making plates when they were introduced as a homeschool project years ago.  I'm not sure how Mike missed out back then, but this time he joined the fun with the grandcuties and their mamas!   Finished plates from past years!

Rain Play

We LOVE the RAIN!!! The sidewalk art heart was brushed on with a broom! The Florida grandchildren have heard us talk about the  drought and the heatwave enough lately, so when the dark clouds finally dripped some big drops, they ran inside to report, then we all went out to enjoy  the rain! Dipping the Brush/Broom in the Birdbath! The broom was saturated and heavy! Going Back for More Wet "Paint"! Now back to the Cement Drawing Board! Painting and Making Puddles! There were only two brooms, so Marcail stood on a little chair and directed a choir and enthusiastically sang a series of songs!

"I'm Farming and I Grow it"

Our daughters, Tab and Liv, used to babysit for these farm brothers.  The girls remember them being farm boys at an early age! Here's a Fox News Interview.