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Epecuen via Danny MacAskill

“Scottish trials rider Danny MacAskill, known for epic projects such as Way Back Home and Imaginate, traveled to Argentina for his latest video, a one-of-a-kind riding experience in the forgotten city of Epecuén. Epecuén, around 350 miles southwest of Buenos Aires, was a tourist town on the edge of Lake Epecuén. At its peak in the 1970s, Epecuén had a population of around 5,000. Then, in 1985, a dam gave way, and water slowly submerged the town, whose residents evacuated. By 1993, according to The Atlantic, the entire town was under more than 30 feet of water.
Then in 2009, the water began receding, revealing a town in ruins. By 2011, Epecuén had entirely reappeared, as a haunting expanse of destruction, rusted rebar, crumbling concrete, and bare white trees.”