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Pierre Bensusan, David Burton, Michael Hedges and Bob Dylan

David Burton is playing "So Long, Michael" written by Pierre Bensusan.

Michael Hedges covers a Bob Dylan song.  He asks a good question: How does it feel?
Click over topreviousMichael Hedges songs covered byothers.

Two Church Building Features and a Hay Truck (In Winter with Snow)

Bethany Lutheran Steeple

Messiah Lutheran Steps and Stained Glass Doors

Ford with Hay  Downtown Lindsborg

Whitfield Windvanes

by artist John Whitfield

This windvane is on top of the local lumber store which is now out of business (Building for Sale).  John Whitfield is a local artist and it would be easy to publish more of his work here and I hope to. Here are three more from different locations in town.

On top of the Safety Center

On top of Bank of America

On top of The Courtyard Gallery

Mostly Sky

View to the Smoky Hills

Sky View West 1067

Winter Wheat

Along the Road: So Good To Be Home

Slow down. 

Zoom Out Closer

The truck Colors Design Shape Details- These could all be important to tell about,  but now,  just  look.

Pretty Chevy in Snow

Ice on the corner of the front windshield
The atmosphere was just right to see the windshield tinting highlighted by the ice and filtered sun. Kinda cool. This is what the roads were like which makes me tense and snappy... I remind Mike, "It's stupid for us to be driving on "sheer ice", like it's new information or he could change it.

Traveling in a quick-coming ice storm, stopping to scrape ice from the front windshields when wipers and heater can't keep up, I wonder whatever happened to the ice scraper. At first, a plastic back-scratcher woked. By the 3rd stop, a plastic cd case took the job with better results.  When Mike gets back inside the car and sees my smirk, he says, "What. Are you enjoying the ice capades?"

"I love the way..."

Multi-tasking (texting) Liv and Lilyana

NayNay wearing my earrings

Funny Face Chlo-bear

Sean looking so young!  

Marcail wearing my earrings

Little Miss Eleanor

Thoughtful Henry

Tab in makeshift snow gear

Here's The Thing

Miss Karisa Getting "Ziggy" at Break Time

A few Sundays ago during the break between church meetings, I noticed Karisa's match. I couldn't resist this photo op.! Thanks to lovely Karisa for allowing me the joy! 

Fresh Snow and Birthday Parties

Fresh Snow Covering in South Lindsborg

Emma Creek Bridge in Moundridge

Taken on the Bridge (next photo) over the Smoky Hill River in South Lindsborg Looking Across to the Old Railroad Bridge Which is Now Part of the Walking Trail (Valkommen Trail)

Smoky Hill River Bridge

Garden Lounger 

Snow Covered Oat Bundle (Julkarve) Adorning a Light Post Downtown Lindsborg

These next few photos change gears...

The twins turn 5!

Olivia and Tabitha at the Twins 5th Birthday Party

 Tab and me at the twins' party Tab and the kids have been visiting since the surprise Christmas visit. Fun! It's nearly time to say goodbye to some sweet times. Love, sweet love.

At the Kansas Motorcycle Museum in Marquette, Kansas

My brothers used to have a Rupp minibike when we were kids. They'd drive like crazy around the yard. I was able to take a turn once in awhile. I wasn't as crazy about it. I remember speeding out and unbeknownst to me, the back tire was in a pile of dog doo. The tire spun it up and onto my hair.  I screamed like a girl and ran into the house to take the hottest shower I'd ever taken and to wash my hair at least 5 times.  That's just one of my memories of our lime green Rupp minibike.

Here's a link to the Kansas Motorcycle Museum

Look up. Look down. Look all around.

Look through my window.

Elevator with Wall Rogalsky logo. This mill produces Hudson Cream Flour. 

The Warren Building is where my folks, the girls and I used to meet for breakfast almost every Friday morning for a time while the girls and I home schooled. Sweet memories indeed. My Mom has great memories of she and her mom (my grandma) eating there together. The McPherson Courthouse is across the street and is reflected in the window.

I noticed the bulldog in the window of "The Rare Find" while I sat in the car waiting on Mike to finish an errand. I took photos until the dog noticed and began to bark. Speaking of bulldogs...