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Happy Reformation Day

"Mild, Wild and Beguiled"

I'm "amped" for Autumn! Though "amped" is not a word I normally use, it's a good description for the way I feel about Autumn's "mild, wild and beguiling" beauty! "Mild, Wild and Beguiled" are words Robert Frost uses in the poem, October . I found this book at a thrift shop. It is lovely for the poems and for the illustrations by Henri Sorensen. Poetry for Young People by Robert Frost I wonder at the thought of reading these poems as a young person . I wonder how young a person must be to listen and hear. I wonder if I am young enough, because I'm just beginning to hear. I wonder about reading these to some young people in my life. Then I wonder about reading poems. This takes practice. And it takes listening and hearing which takes practice and it seems to me that this collection of Robert Frost's poetry is a nice place to read, listen, hear and practice. October O hushed October morning mild, Thy leaves have ripened t


   Downtown Hutchinson, Kansas behind the old Pegues where Mom worked (Pegues Pantry) for a short time. Mom loves to cook and that's what she assisted with at the Pantry. The bleu cheese dressing made there is the best I've eaten. Mom still makes it. She's the best cook I know. Mom, Dad, Mike and I ate at the former Pegues Pantry recently. Pegues was a full-service department store with a fresh and quaint full-service deli when Mom worked there. Pegues has been out of business for quite awhile, but the restaurant portion is now operationg as Jillian's Italian Grill  and the two photos above were taken in the parking lot looking different directions. See the train in the background? I remember going to meet my grandma and "see her off" at the station when I was a young girl.    These first two were taken by the Smoky Hill River that runs through Lindsborg. The third photo is our backyard. The lawn of a fun junk shop in Hutch.. Chloe's toeys

Please continue to pray for Nels.

There is a  Caring Bridge website set up for Nels.

Sean Pup

This is Sean's Kindergarten School Picture. The day his Mama gave it to me was a day I was there when Sean came home from school. Sean and I shared words of greeting and a show of take-home pages, then he scooted closer in beside me on the couch. He had two school pictures of chums in his class he wanted to show me. One was a boy. He didn't bother to tell me the boy's name. The other picture was of a girl. He did tell me the girl's name which wasn't, but could have been "Angel" . He looked at the small photo of Angel then he looked at me and said dreamily, "Isn't she beautiful? Look at her golden hair." I heard myself question in grandmotherly caution, "She is beautiful, Sean. Is she a nice girl?" I thought back to when I went to pre-school. I remembered coming into the schoolroom and gathering on a large, braided oval rug, joining hands face-to-face with a boy I liked and skipping around in a circle. It was a 5-year-old's


Naomi on my grey rollator   Eleanor and Sean My original grey rollator has been a neccesary help and it has been used hard enough to have aquired an annoying, wobbly and apparently unfixable front right wheel. When I checked to see if it was still available, I found that it was, but only in the color "geranium". My new "geranium" colored rollator (and Eleanor) I think I would not have have chosen pink, but it is a smooth ride and a rather perky color!

There Comes a Time

There comes a time when autumn asks, "What have you been doing all summer?" Anon

Here's the Thing

3 minutes and 42 seconds long, big and strong "Do you feel loved by God because you believe he makes much of you, or because you believe he frees you and empowers you to enjoy making much of him?” John Piper

Be strong and let your heart take courage, All you who hope in the LORD. Psalm 31:24

"Knock Out" Roses and Gazing Ball

Prairie Grasses


Christine's Snaps Heads and Feet Uncle Doyle, Auntie Arlene (visiting from Ohio!) Mom and Dad