October 19, 2010

Sean Pup

This is Sean's Kindergarten School Picture. The day his Mama gave it to me was a day I was there when Sean came home from school. Sean and I shared words of greeting and a show of take-home pages, then he scooted closer in beside me on the couch. He had two school pictures of chums in his class he wanted to show me. One was a boy. He didn't bother to tell me the boy's name. The other picture was of a girl. He did tell me the girl's name which wasn't, but could have been "Angel". He looked at the small photo of Angel then he looked at me and said dreamily, "Isn't she beautiful? Look at her golden hair." I heard myself question in grandmotherly caution, "She is beautiful, Sean. Is she a nice girl?"
I thought back to when I went to pre-school. I remembered coming into the schoolroom and gathering on a large, braided oval rug, joining hands face-to-face with a boy I liked and skipping around in a circle. It was a 5-year-old's greeting of happiness and celebration. I certainly didn't think I'd marry that boy. I just liked circle-skip-stepping hand in hand! Strange to think about now, yet I remember so much about that time! I have a photo of the class with my skipping partner and when I come across that misplaced photo, I'll post it. For now, here is Sean in Kindergarten and me at about the same age. I don't look nearly as love struck as Sean does.
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TAB said...

Oh. My. Word! What a cute and funny thing to say! Her hair is "golden"!!! I'm cracking up!
I love these pics and it's so fun to see the resemblances in my kids to you and Sean and to Sean and you.

tsbjf said...

Awww, what a sweet photo of you! And what a cute memory! Sean is cool :) . I love how little kids think!

Zoanna said...

Cute story and cute boy. "Golden hair" is too funny! So fairy-tailish, Sean's going to be a real head-turner for life, I betcha!

Your kindergarten picture is adorable. Certainly see the resemblance.

Olivia Arlene said...

How cute! I don't think I've ever seen your kindergarten picture before mom!

Silly boy my Sean :-)