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"Grammy"  Marker Drawing by Chloe Long arms, skinny blue jeans and wild hair?  Sweet interpretation. 


Chloe and Eleanor took turns taking photos.

Guitar and Kleenex

Build A Cootie!

Sunday Drive: Geary County, Kansas

Geary County Courthouse in Junction City, Kansas The little city has many impressive old limestone buildings.  The courthouse is one of the grandest!

18 - ERECTED - 99
That is a long while ago!

Cheshire Moon

A Cheshire Moon came to rest Above the Smoky Hills tonight He smiled a beguiling golden light; And it was impossible not to smile back.

The Cheshire moon is also known as the wet moon in Hawaiian mythology, so says Wiki.

Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland was my first encounter with the Cheshire cat!

(I did not take the photograph, but I wish I would have!)

Dustbowl Dance

The music from Sigh No More induces contemplation and conversation lately. 

Mumford's guitar skill is often forefront with the addition of bass drum, tambourine and other percussions playedwith his feet, but here he plays full on drums:

Say "Cheese"!

Or not. Tab, Rachel (a friend) and Liv

Tab, Rachel and Liv: High Heels, Tidy White Sneakers and Bare Feet Tickle Toes!

Mid 80's- Buhler, Kansas

Tractor in Winter

Cello in Window

Sunday Drive 1/22/12

Lindsborg, KS

it's about time

looking ahead

Sunday Drive

Abilene, Kansas

I can't wait for King Knut!

So I've begun the tedious task of gathering festive figures and decor to put away until next Christmas, Lord willing.

In all the Christmas hustle-bustle, a plastic Elmo  is found hiding behind a blue ceramic duck.

No No "NOEL" Elf

I found this figurine at a thrift shop last year. There was no companion- only EL. I figured the EL's missing companion must have been broken or lost and maybe the missing elf held an "F" as an ending for "ELF". Make sense? Mike came to the rescue in my time of denseness and suggested the elf's companion spelled not ELF,  but "NOEL" which makes even more sense. Yet a cute little elf holding "NO" may not be cute.
We sometimes shorten Eleanor's name to "El", so this elf is also holding Eleanor's shorter name! 
Yes, Christmas is over and a new year has begun, so why the Christmas elf?  We are still decorated and this year we will use King Knut Day as the date to end holiday and put it all away. I've come to appreciate that Swedish tradition when it's needed.