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Great Grandad Dale and Baby Lily at the hospital (from Olivia's camera)

Three Sisters (and their Mama)

Baby Lilyana
Liv with her girls, "The Three Sisters"
Chloe and a Slinky

Hospital Pics with Lil' Lil

Olivia, Great Grandma Bubbles and Grandad John, Christine, Eleanor and me


Anticipation as Lily's brother and two sisters wait to meet her
(More photos later)

Labor and Delivery

Olivia waited and labored and I snapped photos.
Each moment was warmed by anticipation of Lilyana's arrival!
Sweet Satisfaction!

Lilyana Mary

Lil' Lilyana Mary
5 pounds and 15 ounces light
18 1/2 inches short

Your eyes have seen my unformed substance;
And in Your book were all written
The days that were ordained for me,
When as yet there was not one of them.
How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God!
How vast is the sum of them!
If I should count them, they would outnumber the sand
Psalm 139:16-18

Prepared, Waiting, Setting Sail, Steady

Olivia expecting Lilyana Mary
any day, anytime.
Ready, waiting...

 Sean, the master and commander on this ship.
Arm-rest covers were hoods. The ship was loaded with various toys and covered to make a sculptural cockpit. Eleanor and Gorilla were passengers. The hand-held mixer is a navigational instrument.
Eleanor has learned to pedal her tricycle and is loving, loving it!
Chloe go-goes around with her rider toy lion.
Sometimes she needs help over bumps.
Sometimes she gets off and drags lion across bumps.


Thick chunky bark, glossy green leaves, trunks that show off diameter and seedpods of cotton waiting for launch are some Cottonwood tree traits, but the trait I like best can be heard better than explained. It's the sound of a multitude of leaves clapping in the wind and sounding like water rushing, trickling or pulsing.   

For you shall go out in joy and be led forth in peace;
the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.
Isaiah 55:12

When I was a young girl I lived near mature Cottonwoods. It's where I first came to love them. Sunny, dusty and hot were some of the summer days spent flomping barefoot through soft dirt and a carpet of matted  and sweetly scented decaying Cottonwood leaves. One summer a friend and I collected as much cotton (pods of cotton seed) from the trees as we could so we could make a matress. As the summer wore on, we decided a pillow would be better and by the end, we congratula…

Here's the Thing: A Classic

The Black Stallion was written by Walter Farley in 1941 and made into a movie in 1979. The movie is a timeless classic for the story, cinematography and soundtrack. In parts it is an exquisite music video. In whole it is a fantastic love story. 

September Garden

Several years ago this was a small wheat field on the edge of town. Now it is our patio garden.
Marigolds and Korean Spice Viburnum in foreground
Pussy Willow, Dwarf Peach Tree and Roses in back left to right

"Knock-out" Roses
Dwarf Peach Tree with peaches
Butterfly and Bee on Bluebeard Spirea

Zoanna, my Blog Buddy and Sister in the Lord!

When I first began this blog, I earnestly prayed for a blog buddy. I desired a kindred spirit and a sister in the Lord.
Enter Zoanna!
I've been blessed by her friendship and fellowship through our blogs. She lived in Kansas for awhile in childhood and recently returned to Kansas to visit her friend, Barb. Since she would be close to my home, we arranged a meeting! I was excited... and nervous! What if she doesn't like me in person? What if we don't know what to talk about?
She brought me a cute little "cow wisdom" book and here is my favorite quote for this application:
"Butter comes from churning milk;
butterflies come from churning stomachs!"
I admit to a churning stomach, but our meeting was udderly satisfying to me!
I rejoice!
Thank you for making our meeting a priority, Zoanna, dear sister in Christ!

Me, Zoanna and Barb by the Lindsborg Dala Horse
(A photographic must in our town!)
It was a gorgeous Kansas Day!
We drove up to Coronado Heights (another Li…


Snapshots of a blue ant, Sean and his dinosaur in a pink car, Eleanor with two dolls, relaxed and smiling Christine, Comfy Chloe and "You can stop taking pictures now." Mike!

Ray's Candy

Inspiration from Belly up, it's A Poetry Feed. (Karsten Piper) primes a compelling desire to try to choose and arrange words.Then today, a post from 22 Words(Abraham Piper) seemed to link arms with what I'd recently written as an experiment and saved for posting later or never. 
I guess now is later!

Ray's Candy

Christine leaves in the morning to volunteer at the Nursing Home.
When she returns home she pulls out a piece of candy from her scrub-top pocket. She says it’s from Resident Ray who likes to share candy.
Resident Ray tells her, “This piece is for your mom cause she must be sweet like you.” I wonder about Ray as I unwrap the hard candy and bite it to share with Christine. Our eyes surprise at the pineapple sweetness.
Today Ray reminded Christine that the military is no place for a girl.
She said he convinced her.
He told a haunting war story about an enemy he’d shot.
He said the boy was probably a farm boy like himself with family waiting for his return home.
He told of ho…

Here's the Thing: Psyche Testing

Recently, Christine has been undergoing some psychological and assessment testing to help determine some strengths and weaknesses and to help in charting the course of action for her life. Psychology has always been very interesting to me, yet I’ve held it at arm’s length, or farther, being leery of mans’ attempt to conclude the study of our psyche without a biblical perspective or for man to try to dissect a wonderfully and fearfully created mind.
  Mike brings perspective as we discuss. He reminds me that psychology is by no means flawless, but God has gifted men (or women) with ways of studying, organizing and classifying information that is common to everyone. This can be helpful and is possible because of God's order and design in his creation. We measure all things by God’s ultimate and perfect standard. I remain mindful of this as I ask for wisdom to balance any “Freudian-phobias”.
 Most of the evaluation has been in the office through fancy evaluations and some one-on-one…