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Blockbuster Tongue Twister

Sean and Eleanor are over today while Olivia and Chloe are home trying to get Chloe re acclimated to home and back on a sleep/eat schedule. After lunch today Sean began telling me a story about Blockbuster Video Rentals. He was telling me some serious story all the while calling Blockbuster, "Bwockbuster". Eleanor got into the conversation and her word for Blockbuster was "Bustbwocter". In all earnestness Sean tried to help Eleanor with the correct pronunciation for "Blockbuster". He would say, "No Eleanor, it's Bwockbuster. Say 'Bwock-Buster", Eleanor." Then Eleanor would say, "Bustbwocter" and Sean would again try his best to get her to say it right, "Bwockbuster" he'd say again in the most encouraging and coaching way a big brother can, "Say Bwock-buster, Eleanor." Again she'd say, "Bustbwocter" and by the end of the conversation, I'm not sure I could even say the word correctly…

Chloe Update 2

My Mom and Chloe

Chloe sure loved sitting with Great Grandma and taking a little nap on a cozy lap!
Chloe's temperature has been in the normal range for most of the day, so she will probably be dismissed on Thursday.
I know Chloe and Olivia will be so happy to be home!
Thank you for prayers! 

Chloe Update

Here are some photos from today at the hospital. Chloe is getting much better! The i.v. drip was disconnected for the afternoon but she still received antibiotics through the i.v. port. The plan is to "hook her up" again to a drip i.v. overnight. Her fever is kept down by Motrin and Tylenol. She nursed often today and kept all but one feeding down. Until her temperature comes down and stays down for a consistent time, she will stay in the hospital.
The Doctor is hoping for (and we're praying for) a release by Thursday.
Chloe seems to be feeling and breathing better. She is getting more vocal and less lethargic.  Thank you for your prayers for Chloe. Please keep praying for full recovery from
E. Coli bacteria. 
(It seems to be near the same scenario as when my Mom was in hospital in June.)
Olivia is tired. Please pray for Olivia. Please pray for rest and peace.
Oh yeah, in the photos, please take note of the white board message one of Olivia's aides wrote yesterday which…

On Our Sunday Drive

We went to the hospital. This is one shot of pretty scenery near a golf course as we drove along the highway on our way to Memorial Hospital.

We were on our way to see baby Chloe. After calling the Doctor's office on two occasions last week and essentially being refused an appointment as they advised Liv to just keep doing what she was doing which was alternating motrin then tylenol to help keep fever down and encouraging fluids. Liv felt enough was enough after many days of the same thing with no change, so this afternoon, Olivia took her to the E.R.. Chloe wa promptly admitted to the hospital. Her diagnosis is unsure as I write, but she has been tested for Swine Flu and tested negative. Her symptoms are a fever hovering near 101.5 degrees for too many days, lethargy and intermittant vomiting and barely eating or nursing. Thankfully, the vomiting has ceased. Her lungs are clear. She has had a few tests. The results have not been determined yet, but it seems to be bacterial, not vi…

So Shines a Good Deed in a Weary World AND Is Anonymity Even Possible?

I've heard it said "When Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" or something like that, but it's also true, "When baby's sick, ain't nobody gonna get no rest." So while Sean had preschool this morning, I picked up Eleanor hoping sick baby Chloe and Mama Olivia could have some rest time. Chloe slept most of the time. I sure hope Liv rested.
<----- Eleanor
Eleanor and I went to the two "hot spots" in McPherson. (Well we went to the two kid-friendly hot spots that I know of on a misty-moisty chilly autumn day.)
We went to Wal-Mart then to McDonalds.

While at Wal-Mart, I was looking for something in the same aisle as a young mama who had her baby girl in a car seat riding in the cart. The lady with the baby noticed Eleanor, looked at me, turned back to Eleanor and said, "Hi Ellie!" Then the lady looked at me again and said, "It is Eleanor, right?" (I didn't know the lady, though I was beginning to think I should…

Abba Father! Papa! My God!

For you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons, by whom we cry, “Abba! Father!” Romans 8:15

“I think this sweet word Abba was chosen to show us that we are to be very natural with God, not stilted and formal. We are to be very affectionate, to come close to Him and be bold to lie in His bosom, looking up into His face and speaking with holy boldness.
“Abba” is not a word, somehow, but a babe’s lisping.
Oh, how near we are to God when we can use such speech! Be satisfied to offer to God broken language, words salted with your griefs, wetted with your tears. Go to Him with holy familiarity and be not afraid to cry in His presence, “Abba Father."
Charles Spurgeon

Another Fireplace Photo to Go with the One Below

You know how it is when you begin looking at older photos?
Getting stuck on Memory Lane happens!
I don't mind being stuck for awhile.
Here's another stone fireplace picture. But for me there are memories and...
Wow! "A picture paints a thousand words!"

Tabitha Laurel and Christine Lynn at Christmas a few years ago

Stone Corner Fireplace and Brick Center Fireplace

This post is a fun retrospect and hopefully it will be of benefit to a blog buddy as she and her husband consider a fireplace!

Tabitha, Christine, Mike and me (Where was Olivia?)  
This is the corner fireplace in our house in the country. It was veneered in a mixture of sandstone and manufactured stone. Mike primarily with some help from his sister, Nancy, laid up the stone.

Fireplaces lend a great place for family pictures!
One of the nice things about the corner placement in a room where you'll also view t.v. is that the "entertainment center" can be more in the center for better viewing.
Here we are at a Thanksgiving get-together several years back pre-grandchildren?! There are three kittens in the picture. Can you find them? (Click on pic to enlarge.)

Here is a photo from several years
and several houses back.
Mike's Dad laid the brick for this fireplace. It was the first house we lived in with a fireplace and we used it as often as we could! One of the best features a…

Birthday Buzz: Two More Sweet Things

This cup was my Dad's from when he served in the Korean War. I've always liked to drink coffee from this cup when at my folks' house. My Dad gave it to me for my birthday. How sweet! It says: "US 1952" and "Eldon" on the bottom of the cup!
Thanks Dad! I love this cup, but I love you more!

Roses and "Pink Spikes" 
(The rose bush is a transplant from my folks' garden since it was not doing well there. I think it just needed more room. It's blooming like crazy here!) The pink spikes are from a perennial that I had cut back last month and it keeps blooming!Thanks to Mike for clipping the cuttings for this arrangement!

Birthday Buzz: This time I got a buzz!

This is a most wonderful table that Mom and Dad surprised me with via my Aunt Arlene from Ohio. The table top (a collection of stamps) was made by my Grandma who is no longer living on earth. This table was her desk/work space/t.v. tray/All Purpose Table. I'd almost forgotten about it, but when Mom and Dad brought it in, it was like an instant rewind to years ago. I could see my Grandma sitting in her comfy rocking chair with the table nearby. I could hear her voice, feel the comfort of being with her... and so many more memories wrapped in the lovliest of feelings...
This little table packs way more stories than I can say.

 I'm feeling rather dumb for not getting a group photo of the party givers and attenders: Mom, Dad, Chris and Olivia. Duh.
Here is the cake, Mike and Chloe, me w/ Sean, Eleanor and Chloe and Sean with Gustafer Yellowgold.

When I was at Liv's a few days ago, she got a package in the mail. She said, "Oh good! It's here!" When I asked what was he…

Here's the Thing: Okay, Here are Some Things

 "Simple Woman's Daybook Entry"
Outside my window… our neighbors’ flower garden has been exceptional this year! A profusion of colorful Zinnias, Roses, Dahlias, Lamb's Ear and round purple globe flowers for drying, set against a background of green vine which recently bloomed with fragrant white flowers and draped over a fence!

I am thinking… God is good and faithful. I’m not just thinking that, I’m knowing and clinging to that because the truth remains, so I want the Truth to steer and control my thinking… regardless of feelings!

I am thankful for… house plants (and the various pots of geraniums that were brought in this year.) They all have buds, so I anticipate their opening. I’m not sure how they will fare for winter, but as long as possible, we’ll enjoy them!

From the kitchen… Celestial Seasoning’s Candy Cane Lane tea! (Not just for the holidays!)

I am wearing… p.j. pants and a comfy long-sleeved tee.

I am creating… a list of Thanksgiving meal options… going out to e…

Palm of Your Hand

Alison Krauss came up in conversation recently. I remember when I first heard her sing many years ago. I was half listening to NPR. She was on "All Things Considered" if I remember correctly, which I may not. When I heard her singing, I rushed to the radio to turn up the volume to listen closely and get her name. If I remember right, this was the song she sang! Here it is put to video taken by someone I don't know of a pretty place I've never been.

My Vision

Nystagmus and MS - "With this condition sufferers experience uncontrolled eye movements resulting in jumping vision. Very often this is accompanied by dizziness. The condition can be very mild, sometimes only occurring when the person looks to the side. It can however be severe enough to impair vision."
(Laurie's note: Blindness or intermittent blindness can also be an MS symptom.)
The definition above is an eye condition that sometimes shows up as an MS symptom.  In my experience so far, it is rare, but does show up randomly from time to time. I want to say, "Whatever. This is not my concern." But it honestly concerns me, today especially. It is annoying, but not debilitating. I worry though. What if it gets worse? What if I lose my vision? What if and how would I... and my list spans larger than a panoramic eye view! Over lunch as I shared my concern/fear, my dear friend Ruth tells me, "You can't go there, Laurie." And I tell her I'm already t…

On Our Sunday Drive...

which happened to be taken on a Saturday since Sunday is mostly full and probably won't allow the luxury. This Saturday-Sunday drive is done in 4 posts since Picasa only allows 4 photos per upload and Blogger was taking longer than slow-usual to upload, so check the next three posts for more!
The weather was almost perfect; mild, cozy cool with blue cloudy skies. We drove toward Kanopolis via country roads, took a picnic at the end of a dirt road (more like a forgotten road), took the most scenic roads meandering toward Ellsworth and Carniero, Kansas then headed back home through some of the prettiest parts of Kansas near Ellsworth County!

Cottonwoods near where we took our picnic out in the middle of Kansas on a most gorgeous Autumn afternoon

One of the "less traveled" roads we took

Mostly black cows, but a few with white faces

A lovely pond in a picturesque pasture

More Below!

On Our "Sunday" Drive



Field and Sky

Outcropping of stone in various shades of earth
More Below!

On Our "Sunday" Drive

An old sandstone farmstead with a stone door header
dated 1877

An old brick schoolhouse with stone dated 1916

An abandoned store in Carneiro, Kansas
Most of the town looks pretty much abandoned.

An Episcopal Church building in Ellsworth
More below!

On Our "Sunday" Drive

Ran Like A Deere


Corn ready for harvest
There are two yellow ears playing hide-n-seek.
Can you find them?

When Mike says, "country roads", he means country roads!
We took some of the most remote roads that seemed tucked away!

Uncle Cecil-facebook-Cell Phones

My Uncle Cecil passed away recently after a long fight with illness. He lived in Florida. Cecil is my Mom's dear brother. Last night Early this morning when I couldn't sleep (again) I got up to check e-mail. There was a friend invite for facebook from my cousin, Brady. I thought about waiting to respond in more reasonable morning hours, but I clicked on over and read his "wall" only to find out our uncle had died. What an interesting and prime example of the value of facebook.
My folks are now driving and on their way home from West Virginia and Ohio. They don't have a cell phone, so can't be contacted. Mom has been very good about calling as they travel which I really appreciate, but it makes me a bit apprehensive that they are unreachable as they are traveling since they don't have a cell phone.
(I know we got along for years without cell phones, but it's such a great convenience to have access this way.)
The ability to know news almost instantly (n…