October 20, 2009

Stone Corner Fireplace and Brick Center Fireplace

This post is a fun retrospect and hopefully it will be of benefit to a blog buddy as she and her husband consider a fireplace!

Tabitha, Christine, Mike and me (Where was Olivia?)  
This is the corner fireplace in our house in the country. It was veneered in a mixture of sandstone and manufactured stone. Mike primarily with some help from his sister, Nancy, laid up the stone.

Fireplaces lend a great place for family pictures!
One of the nice things about the corner placement in a room where you'll also view t.v. is that the "entertainment center" can be more in the center for better viewing.
Here we are at a Thanksgiving get-together several years back pre-grandchildren?! There are three kittens in the picture. Can you find them? (Click on pic to enlarge.)

Here is a photo from several years
and several houses back.
Mike's Dad laid the brick for this fireplace. It was the first house we lived in with a fireplace and we used it as often as we could! One of the best features about this arrangement was the door out to the wood pile just to the side of the fireplace (to the right of the wooden chair) and the ample bricked wood storage beside the door. How convenient!
This is on Main Street in Lindsborg.
It was our first Christmas with Christine...
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Zoanna said...

Thanks, Laurie. Those fireplaces are both so nice. I am particularly fond of the stone one. We had a brick fp at our second home and loved it. It wasn't efficient, but oh-so-romantic. Great place for stockings to hang, too, as opposed to setting them on the kitchen table at Christmas Eve!

I would search for the kitties but I'm sick at home today. Going to bed.

Laurie said...

You are Wwlcome Zoanna!
Prayers for rest and health (and hot tea?) are being sent.

Olivia Arlene said...

I must have been in Chillicothe for that first picture??? Or Manhattan??? I don't know, it's weird!!!

Wow, that big group picture doesn't seem that long ago, but it was kind of pre grandchildren. It was Thanksgiving and I was about 10 weeks, I think, pregnant with Sean! Wow, memories:) I remember those cute kittens!

I remember posing for that picture of our first Christmas with Christine. Was that also when she went outside and built that huge snowman all by herself? She pushed that huge ball of snow all around the yard. I'm sure it was heavy!

I think it would be so great to have a house with a fireplace someday...

We used to make smores out in the country:)

Laurie said...

Liv- Yeah. It's hard to fathom you not being there.

I know whatcha mean about the group photo!

Oh Christine and the giant snow boulder!!! I think I have a picture somewhere. If not, I have one in my mind for sure!

Someday is not too far off in so many ways!

Smores! Yep! We made delicious and fun fireside smores!

TAB said...

I remember the smores! when i was prego w/ Naomi i ate like 7 smores in one setting!

Laurie said...

Tab- Hmmm.
At least you had some kind of excuse for eating so many!
What was my excuse! ;)