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"Do you feel loved by God because you believe he makes much of you, or because you believe he frees you and empowers you to enjoy making much of him?” John Piper

Cute and Happy Grandkids!

in boots!

in orange!

Chris and Olivia, their Mom and Dad!

It's Summer. It's Hot. It's Watermelon Time!



Their Mommy (our daughter)
Striking a Pose in the car
No Watermelon!

When I Pat Myself on the Back, God Gives Me a Kick in the Pants

When I pat myself on the back, God gives me an extra boost with a kick in the pants! I'm not sure how that came up today, but it did as I was refreshed by running into Mary Lou, the mom of a friend I had in "the old neighborhood" growing up. Her daughter, Mary Kay, and I would often go shopping downtown when downtown had nice department stores and three had elevators. Several had soda fountains and Woolworth's had a lunch counter. This was back when downtown was vibrant and thriving before shopping malls cropped up on what was formerly the outskirts of town. We were in Jr. High and we had a royal time shopping and bargain hunting like grown ladies. Oddly enough I ran into my friend's Mom at the Goodwill which is an even funner form of bargain hunting! I've lost touch with my old friend, but got an update from her mom today. I was not a Christian in the old neighborhood. Mary Lou was a Catholic. Now she and I are Christians and the fellowship we shared between…

Family and Friends

I've thought about starting a weblog for awhile now. Adam Parker who is a contributor to Bring the Books said, "set up your account, you can have it going tonight", but he didn't realize that I am not as savvy as some on the computer so it took me longer than "have it going tonight" considering the learning curve I am experiencing! It is a work in progress. I am learning as I go. My husband, Mike is a guest blogger for the next post and I hope he will continue to be a guest. I like the idea of having family contribute. Our daughter, Olivia has a blog about the baby she expects on December 25th here and one that is about her family here. Christine has often looked over my shoulder wondering how it is going as I have been working on setting up this blog and has been giving helpful encouragement! Tabitha says I need to put more photos on the blog. I said that's a good idea, she should get to work on that! She has helped me with some shortcuts and …

My Husband, My First Guest Blogger

God's Arm is Long EnoughI found an old newspaper clipping from September 2nd, 1981 as I was looking through old letters, cards and papers I've saved and thrown in a box. It is an editorial that my husband wrote for the Hutchinson News. The clipping is old, yellowed and faded now, but the words are heartfelt and I share them here. The title in the paper is: God's arm is long enough to reach out to all of us. Mike says the title should be: God's Arm is Not Too Short that it Cannot Save. Here it is with a few changes:The other day at the Lord's Supper a brother prayed something like this, "Dear Father, We thank you that we can openly assemble together as your children to praise and worship you. We thank you that your arm is not so short that it cannot save and that with it you reached out to save even me. Father, we truly do thank you for you Son who died on the cross for our sin. As we pass this loaf we ask that we will be reminded of your great love for us. In …