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Reasons For Thankfulness

Mike is vacuuming in places most often forgotten. This wasn't even on my list to do, but he is just that kind of guy. What a man! I'm thankful! Every year for the past several years, we have taken a big group Thanksgiving photo with the camera timer setting. My brother, John, is the runner from camera to group. This year we didn't get around to it. There were at least 5 reasons we didn't do it this year: They are pictured here in Indian Feather Headbands made by Olivia! Actually all 5 grandkids took naps at the same time! We were all thankful! By the time they got awake, many guests had already gone, so we didn't get the group photograph. My dad enjoys being the shrimp chef. I'm thankful! What a man! Five in a row ready to eat! They all ate, happily, and for that, I am thankful! After dinner, Mike's dad read a book to Naomi. I'm thankful that he gets to enjoy his great grandchildren. He glows when they're around. Glows and laughs a lot! Thi

...And Be Thankful

"Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body; and be thankful." Colossians 3:15 It is not that I don't have reason to be thankful. I can list at least 100 reasons in 2 minutes! Reasons for thankfulness abound! Being thankful is another matter! Though there are times when thankfulness naturally overflows, usually thankfulness is a choice as worries or anxieties fill up the space where peace should be, crowding out thankfulness. Today as I followed a Thanksgiving meal recipe, I thought of Colossians 3:15 as a sort of recipe for thankfulness. Just as a cake doesn't come together without measures and steps, so it is with thankfulness. When I follow a recipe I am intentional as I look forward to the outcome. I need to be more intentional about thankfulness not only on Thanksgiving, but always! Today we ate at our local authentic Mexican Restaurant (at least the owners and employees seem much more comfortable speaking Spanish)

Laughing and Crying, You Know it's the Same Release

I love those lyrics from Joni Mitchell's song, People's Parties. Just ask my daughter, Liv and me. We both can testify to the truth of "laughing and crying, you know it's the same release"! Call it stress. Call it "sucking it up" for too long, but once in a while the emotions give and we just have to cry or laugh or both simultaneously. I'm guessing it's a hormonal girl thing since Mike never does this. We always recover. At least we have so far. It is comforting to know that Truth is unwavering when feelings are screaming to the contrary. I was recently complaining to myself (again) about my weak and lazy mind and was reminded of this "weak and lazy" lyric which then reminded me of the "laughing and crying' lyric in the same song. Yes, it's an old song! Here's the song and Court and Spark album cover:

Here's the Thing

Fried butterfly shrimp takes turkey's place on our Thanksgiving table. This is some kind of confession, but it's not an apology. If shrimp would ever take turkey's place at Thanksgiving tables across America, what kind of decorations would kids make?

Outside Cracker Barrel on a Lovely Autumn Afternoon.

Five Cuties (Grandkids) Daughters Olivia and Tabitha Moms of the 5 cuties Daughter Christine: Favorite aunt of the cuties! The kids were " playing checkers ", so Christine was hands free!

What Shoes Go With This Stress?

My thoughtful Mom sent me a sweet encouragement card with the sentiment "What shoes go with this STRESS?" The shoe drawings were similar to the fancy ones. I'm inclined to think of shoes as creating stress unless they are like the suede booties!

Jesus Alphabet Song

I woke up with the Jesus Alphabet Song swirling in my mind. I wondered if it sounded Universalistic. I suppose it could and I supopose I could be thinking too hard. It is true we will all live eternally. Some in the presence of Christ and others separated from Him. I just needed to make that clarification. R.C. Sproul speaks in a way I cannot. (Below)

Before I Knew What MS Was

I did cartwheels Ran racing with my daughter full speed down the country road Tap Danced (my version) from kitchen to patio Rushed through life and Never gave physical limitations a second thought; Now that I know what MS is Cartwheels stay off the ground But always in my mind

A,B,C's Floating in Space

One year I worked as a teacher's aide with a group of 6-8 year old children who had various learning or behavioral problems. A little girl named Jackie was one of the students. Her dull brown eyes were partly hidden under a mop of thick dark brown hair. I was assigned to help her with the daily task of writing her name. Most days she could write "J-a." On a good day, she would write "J-a-c." When she did this all by herself the letters were rarely written in the correct order or direction and they were never on a line. They seemed to float in space similar to the space in Jackie's mind. Every day was the same monotonous task. Like wanting the basketball to make it into the hoop, wanting a toddler to take the first step...then the next step without falling, or wanting the stuttering person to be able to finish the sentence, I wanted Jackie not only to spell her name completely, but to understand the letters had meaning; When put together, the letters could m