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"Making America Skate Again!"

"Making America Skate Again!"
Check out “The Skateboarder's Guide to the 2016 US Presidential Election”!
I use wheels to get around, so in some ways I identify with skateboarders. Sure, there are obvious differences in the design and function of a skateboard compared to a wheelchair! And I understand that identifying WITH a skateboarder is different than identifying AS a skateboarder. But skateboards and wheelchairs have this in common: Both run into obstacles. You don't have to be a skateboarder or use a wheelchair to understand that obstacles are common to everyone!

It's been said that in skateboarding, "an obstacle is any object that you can incorporate into a skateboarding trick”! 
Skater, Rodney Mullen says, "The biggest obstacle to creativity is breaking through the barrier of disbelief." "The Skateboarder's Guide to the 2016 Presidential Election” offers unique perspective, so I won't get my "ollie" in a "nollie&quo…

Oh Pep! The Race!

March on and "Don't Stop Believin"

The time of year has come again when local marching bands are tuning up and practicing to march in the All School's Day parade! I might not think much about the upcoming parade if we didn't live on the street where the bands practice! "Left, left, left right, left...". then the drum cadence... and finally the song. "Name that marching band tune!" becomes a game! Last year the song was "Uptown Funk" which was easy to recognize, but this year while bass drummers kept a strong, left-right march beat, I strained to make sense of what I was hearing. I listened for a melody or anything familiar. It took awhile, but some sketchy lyrics came to mind: "Just a small town girl" and "on and on and on", so that's what I Googled and Bingo! the song is Journey's "Don't Stop Believin", a Journey song from 1981. And I'm feeling my age! Apparently Journey songs keep marching on!
"Just a small town girl
Living in a lo…

Thinking of Mom (Mother's Day comes again!)

Dad and Mom 1980s
 Mom was usually shy around the camera, so this is a treasure!  She was comfortable in her kitchen  and she liked serving her family! Mom, Grandma and I had taken a short vacation to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I was pregnant with Tabitha, feeling hormonal and emotional. My mom, my friend... I miss her so.

"Free As A Bird"

Psalm 55:6-8