May 29, 2016

"Making America Skate Again!"

"Making America Skate Again!"
Check out “The Skateboarder's Guide to the 2016 US Presidential Election”!
I use wheels to get around, so in some ways I identify with skateboarders. Sure, there are obvious differences in the design and function of a skateboard compared to a wheelchair! And I understand that identifying WITH a skateboarder is different than identifying AS a skateboarder. But skateboards and wheelchairs have this in common: Both run into obstacles. 
You don't have to be a skateboarder or use a wheelchair to understand that obstacles are common to everyone!

It's been said that in skateboarding, "an obstacle is any object that you can incorporate into a skateboarding trick”! 
 Skater, Rodney Mullen says, "The biggest obstacle to creativity is breaking through the barrier of disbelief."
"The Skateboarder's Guide to the 2016 Presidential Election” offers unique perspective, so I won't get my "ollie" in a "nollie" over it, but the section on "Disability" was surprising! I hope it wasn't designed to offend! I'll assume ignorance about the daily challenges of those who rely on wheels for mobility.
I continue to suspect “The Donald” of being a "poser", a "fakie", a "snake" flipping tricks and desiring high roller deals to make America "rad" again. Maybe I should be "stoked" about his insistence on a wild "wallride", but his wall could just as easily "slam", "bail" or "bomb a hill". Maybe I should be pleased that he’s his own "sponsor", but my "stance" is that his "drop-in" is "sketchy", and I’d rather not see him get any more gnarly "air" or continue his "Alley-oop"!
And that's my skater scoop!

“Skateboarder's Guide to the 2016 US Presidential Election”:…/the-skateboarders-guide-to-the-…/


Catherine Jones McClarin said...

Hilarious! And you're so right about The Donald. What a tool!

Laurie said...

Catherine- You know what I'm talking about! :)