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Wanna Play “Stink Pink”?

Are you familiar with the game? I hadn’t heard of it until several years ago when we were building a house on Main Street. It was the house we were going to live in for the rest of our lives and the house my Dad helped in so many ways including laying 2,600 sq. ft. of slate tile, but that’s another story. I was speaking of “Stink Pink”. When we were building Main Street house, a man named Bob was working with Mike and taught us the game. We put in some long hours and this was one of the pastimes as we worked! The rule is to give a hint that describes two rhyming words. If the words have one syllable, you say “It’s a “Stink Pink“. Two syllables- “Stinky Pinky” Three syllables- Stinkity Pinkity” and so on! An example of a “Stink Pink” is: A Large Feline. (A. Fat Cat) An example of a “Stinky Pinky” is: A Comic Cottontail. (A. Funny Bunny) A “Stinkity Pinkity” hint is: Okay, I’ve drawn a blank! Could someone come up with a three syllable “Stinkity Pinkity”? So you get the idea. The words “Stink and Pink” change according to syllables. The answer has to rhyme, but not the hint. That’s about it! (I’m curious to know if anyone else plays this game or a version of the game?) Here are some for you to practice on: It’s a Stink Pink: Nighttime Playground It’s a Stink Pink: Eat Glue It’s a Stinky Pinky: Daisy Strength It’s a Stinky Pinky: Hip Film It’s a Stink Pink: Sky-Colors Hints It’s a Stink Pink: St. Patrick Legume Give it a whirl! And when you're ready to check yourself, the answers are in the Comment Box. Then it’s your turn to leave me a Stink Pink to guess in the Comment Box! (No it’s not everyday bloggers ask for "Stink Pinks" in their Comment Boxes!)


Laurie Lynn said…
Nighttime Playground = Dark Park
Eat Glue = Taste Paste
Daisy Strength + Flower Power
Hip Film = Groovy Movie
Sky-colors Hints = Blues Clues
St. Patrick Legume = Green Bean
TAB said…
The only one I couldn't figure out was Groovy Movie and it was so easy!

Stink Pink: Cook Dessert
Stinky Pinky: Cool Flower
Stink Pink: Pant Diva
Stink Pink: Sprinkle Hole
Stinkity Pinkity: Imaginary Tune
Jenna said…
Hey Laurie!

Was just thinking of you b/c I'm making baked lentils w/ cheese for the first time! (I found my More w/ Less!...confession: It was in w/ all my other cookbooks, but really hard to see!) Anyway, I'd seen that recipe and needed some prompting! THanks and blessings!!!
Olivia Arlene said…
Hey mom, I got 'em all!

OK, Tab's are:

Bake cake

Awesome blossom


Rain drain

Whimsical musical?
TAB said…
Actually it's supposed to be mystical musical but really whimsical workds good too! Let's see if mom can get the 3rd one!
TAB said…
The 3rd one of my stink pink is Jean queen
Zoanna said…
Got half of Dark Park and none of Groovy Movie. We play a similar game but I like the way you give yours a syllabic twist.

Stink Pink: emotional victuals
Stink Pink: incorrect musical poem
Stink Pink: stuck in the bushes
Laurie Lynn said…
Great job Tab! Those were fun and some were difficult!
Olivia shared some via e-mail. I'll post hers later. Maybe I'm the only one having fun?!

Zoanna, I'm stumped on the first one for now, but I don't want to give up. (Mike just walked out and said, "Could #1 be "Cry Pie"?)
#2 Wrong Song?
#3 Wedge Hedge?
Chris said…
Stinkity Pinkity: When you take a trip and allow the newspaper to give your unused subscription value to their newspaper in education program.

(we just did this, so it was on my mind--and it includes the three syllables that you needed).
Chris said…
Oops! I forgot to give you the answer to the three syllable hinkity pinkity:

vacation donation
zz said…
I like Mike's better than mine. Gonna keep tryihg? You got 2 and 3 right. I could've gone for "underwear tanked by the boxwood" for hedgie wedgie, but fifth grade class is out for the day.I'll try to act my age.
zz said…
I meant yanked, not tanked.
Laurie Lynn said…
Emotional Victuals- Gush Mush???
"Hedgie Wedgie"! Ha!

Vacation Donation is nice!
Sure would like a donation for a vacation!!
zz said…
Your guess is as good as Mike's, and better than my answer: Mood Food.

This is too addictive. I tried to nap today and all I could think of were crazy rhymes. BTW, is there a word for two 4-syllable answers?

If not, try this clue anyway. The answer is two words, 4 syllables each: gynecologist's waiting room

Another couple of Stinky Pinkies.

a. Stinky Pinky - matrimonial linens
b. Stink Pink - mute finger
c Stinkity Pinkity- standing ecstasy
d. Stinkity Pinkity- witness interrogation overkill
Chris said…
I must set the record straight. Although we have donated our newspaper credit to the education program in the past, we didn't last week. Too much going on in the world that we wanted to read about when we returned.
Laurie Lynn said…
Zoanna- Mood Food is good!
4 Syllables?!! What should we call those? Stinkitity Pinkitity?
GYN Waiting Room??? Oh my!!!
I'm thinkin. I'm thinkin!
a. Wedding Bedding
b. Mum Thumb
c. Uprightful Delightful?
d.???? Ugh!!
zoanna said…
GYN waiting room: ovulation population

a. Wedding Bedding, you got it.
b. Mum Thumb's good; I had "Dumb Thumb" in mind.
c. Cute answer. I was thinking Ovation Elation.
d. Confession Obsession
Laurie Lynn said…
I love that there is often more than 1 possible answer! Not that there is more than one correct answer, but that our language is so creatively useful!! Ya know?

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