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A Little Frisk and Frolic with Autumn Leaves- Trio

New Greenhouse Home and More Dug Out

Last year's Euphorbia Christmas tree has a new home at the Lindsborg Greenhouse. It's been on our patio all summer, but since the nights are getting too cold and the cactus is outgrowing our indoors, it's in safe-keeping at the greenhouse. When Liv and the kids visited today, we took a field trip to see the cactus in its new greenhouse home.

Sean has his hand on the "Pencil Cactus".

It was a pretty Autumn day.
We drove to the Hoglund Dug Out. (I don't know why I'm so intrigued with this
Dug Out lately, but I'm thankful for my home!)

More Dug Out

More dug out than what? No. More Dug Out photos. Oh! More photos have been dug out?  ... No, more photos of the Dug Out! The Dug Out? Oh! The Dug Out!   No more photos of the Dug Out!? No! More photos of the Dug Out.
Remember? The Dug Out! Oh! I dig! 

Home on the Range!  I'm so thankful that some hearty settlers stayed! Here's Kansas' State Song  (Ya gotta love the optimism, but wonder about the over-the-top "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" stuff.)   The video shows some wonderful old photographs:

Sterling Start

I had a birthday on October 18th and now I'm 50.  (My mind does flips at the thought!) =====
Mike and I took a drive to the town where I was born:

A bench close to the water's edge.  Sterling Lake Sterling, Kansas

My Dad and Olivia also worked up a surprise party for Sunday afternoon at Dad's in Hutchinson! Fun! I wish I would have gotten pictures of all the family.  Liv snapped a few and Tab was too far away to be there, but she wrote a sweet post in honor of my aging! This birthday was difficult, not only because my age shocks me, but because it's the first birthday I have had without my Mom. Going to the town of my birth and thinking of Mom was sad, yet soothing somehow, necessary and helpful.  These verses have recently been on my mind: "The God who made the world and everything in it, being Lord of heaven and earth, does not live in temples made by man,nor is he served by human hands, as though he needed anything, since he himself gives to all mankind life and breath …

Grass, Mud, Brick, Sustainability and Hope

October 2011 Bethany College  (In front of Presser Hall)

Sustainability Project and Bethany Lutheran's Steeple

A Portion of Brick Main Street (a treat) in Lindsborg

When a man stepped in front of me to take a photograph of the awesome parade threatening sky during the Hyllningsfest Parade,  it was an irresistible opportunity to "snap"!!

The light is defunct, but functional as a bird house!

Can you imagine?

Imagine leaving your home country to begin a new life. After many long miles to the Kansas Smoky Valley and a vast prairie, digging a hole and gathering indigenous building materials-
Here is your new home:

(Originally published in the 1991 Svensk Hyllningsfest program booklet.) by Scott Fredrickson and Nancy B. Peterson:
“If you look in the American Heritage Dictionary, you will find the word dugout described as "a pit dug into the ground or on a hillside and used as a shelter." Although the definition is simple, it says much about early life in the Smoky Valley. If walls and rocks and piles of dirt and debris could talk, we might have the opportunity to learn much about life in rural Lindsborg more than a hundred years ago. Many of the early settlers spent their first months in dugouts, popular shelters on the prairie. As soon as they could construct more permanent dwellings, the early dugouts became basements, fruit cellars, even dumps. Such is the case of the Hoglund dugout, l…

Hyllningsfest 2011

Going to the Parade with a Parade-Threatening Sky Overhead!

On our way to the parade through a sidewalk garden!

Watching the Parade North of the City Building:

My "Better Than a Parade" Loves

Near the end of the parade some spectators raised their umbrellas against the incessant drizzle that called us back to a dry, warm home!

Keepin' it real!

Relaxed and  changed into dry, comfy clothes!

From Homestead to City Center and Celebration!

The site of an early Swedish homestead known as the Hoglund Dugout.

Surely many of the first settler had grand visions of what was to come!
Coronado Heights

Sandstone Steps

The "Castle"

Another view from Coronado Heights from Autumn 2011

Someone was flying over Coronado Heights!

From a sod and sandstone church building to the beautiful white steeple church:

Bethany Lutheran Church
City Center ready to welcome Hyllningsfest activities which include lots of dancing,