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Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple April 23, 1928 – February 10, 2014

Remembering Mama

"Take my hand precious Lord, lead me home"

"Take my hand precious Lord, lead me home"
3 years ago on February 9, my Mom passed away. She knew her days were almost gone. Cancer had been growing in her body and she felt that her days were drawing to a close. As I try to put words to my thoughts, I'm at a loss.
But one of the most poignant and comforting memories was when she and I sat together in front of her computer screen a couple of months before she died. She had asked me to meet with her to listen to a song she had chosen for her funeral. The song lyrics and the short conversation that followed are still an amazing comfort to me.
The song was "Precious Lord, Take my Hand". We watched a version she liked sung by Elvis. We listened together. (This stands out as one of my most intimate moments with Mom.) After the song was over, she turned to me, looked full into my eyes and said, "That's just the way I feel, Laurie."
I miss her more than I can express. I am so thankful that she is with her p…

Birthday Buzz: Naomi is 7!

Happy Birthday granddaughter Nay Nay! We have snow in our town today!  If you were here you'd love to play! Wish you weren't so far away!

Liv and the girls

Photos from February 3, 2014
Love ya all!

Warmin' Up

"Words don't go far enough."
Granddad and Super