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Little Wing, Neil Young Cover, Michael Hedges

Little Wing, Neil Young Cover, Michael Hedges

E. E. Cummings (Michael Hedges Music/Words E. E. Cummings)

[i carry your heart with me(i carry it in]BY E. E. CUMMINGS
Garrison Kiellor read the poem  onA Writer's Almanac, October 10, 2010.

same song, different concert;
sung snug and fleeting freely
into and out from noted words

Birthday Buzz: Eleanor's Four!

There You Have It: Because It's There: Michael Hedges

Michael Hedges- Because It's There

The Strreamlined Man by Michael Hedges should and can be heard with Bobby McFerrin singing backup on the album "Watching My Life Go By". The next video is Michael performing the same song solo and showing that even though McFerrin's vocals added some soothing fluidity to the music, Hedges could solo so fine:

And if you like, like I like:

As I said, "I'm not over the Hedges."

Amble and Ramble

I have things to say, but my thoughts seem to think we're playing tag. I'm "it" in the middle of a vast field of near conclusions that speed off with a taunting laugh and a kick of dirt. My camera will have to do thetalkingwhere words leave off.

Abandoned School and Playground Gypsum, KS

The Original School in the Shadow of the Larger, Newer Abandoned School

From "Little Red Schoolhouse" to at Least Two Additions Why do I even care? Why take pictures? Why not just shake my head and drive on by?  I don't KNOW!  Is it the lack of planning? Is it the waste on so many levels?  The shame of misuse? The building is too far deteriorated to even consider renovation, but I restore it to it's original glory days in my mind's eye and it's amazing for little Gypsum, Kansas.

Entrance ("If these walls could speak...")

I spy with my little eye... a kick ball!

Life goes on in Gypsum... See the muscle car in this garage?


Maybe things are looking up? These ba…

"This 'bud's' for you."

These were taken on the first day of Spring, 2011.

 Magnolia bud March 20, 2011

Red Maple 

Red Maple buds in flower

Pussy Willow

I remember walking in the yard with Mom looking for signs of spring when I was a young girl. She stopped to show me the fuzzy pussy willow buds beside the fence as if to share a secret or treasure. She said when Pussy Willows bud, it is one of the earliest signs of spring. After I reached out to touch the softness and picked a soft bud to rub on my cheeks, my eyelids and ears, I decided that her delight was also mine.

                                   (Photos of our Patio Garden Pussy Willow Spring 2011)

The Former "Anton Pearson Home and Studio"

A sandstone (and limestone etc.) "friendly fence" tucks this house into the property 

The name "Lundagard" is set in cement. That name goes farther back than the wood carver's name. I'd like to know the history.

There are several outbuildings. This one is adorned with stained glass.


I think this outbuilding was the actual woodcarving studio.


The property has been vacant long enough to become run down. We hear rumors of new owners and of plans that sound hopeful, but we shall wait and see. It is a Swedish architectural and folk art highlight. These photos only touch on the masterful complex and hint of its glory days! I imagine tomtes were kept busy and happy here in times gone by!

Kansas in March and Anton Pearson Studio

One day later...

Anton Pearson Woodcarving Studio Vacant
South Main, Lindsborg  The place has been vacant for ten or moreyears. I've taken photos, with and without snow.

blizzard birth

The story is told about Mike being born in a blizzard- not that he and his mom were outside in the blizzard, but that the swirling snow caused distress in getting to the hospital for the birth. This story is primed for added embellishment as it is retold by the family!  On the evening before his birthday this year, icy little pellets came shooting down and gained momentum by a gusty wind. The ice eventually turned to snow which transformed the morning. These photos (and more!) were taken before the ice and snow gave way to Spring thaw. 

A Robin at the River
The Robin's vantage point of the Smoky Hill River

Earlier in the day...

I spy with my little eye...

...a porcelain white throne.