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Around Town and Hanging by a Thread!

Stairs  Stiefel Theatre in downtown Salina was originally the Fox Theatre. Rather random, yes. So, the song below by Nickel Creek sung by Chris Thile became a favorite years back. I had not thought of it in the context of death until Mom died.  Mom died. These words still sound UNREAL... I desire to capture some words and arrange a phrase where I can rest all my wild thoughts...  I desire words, but they're like balls in a Bingo hopper. (huh?) I'll borrow these:

I can't seem to settle on a segue, so without further delay:

(I don't know why I should be embarrassed!)

Thorny Pruning

 " Every branch in me that does not bear fruit   he takes away, and every branch that does bear fruit he prunes,   that it may bear more fruit."  John 15:2 I pondered this verse as Mike and I pruned thorny roses this morning. It's a tedious job that requires watchful and  severe action.  I thank God for His wisdom and lessons in pruning and I wonder about fruit.    When Do Roses Need To Be Pruned?       "Prune in winter or early spring when plants are still dormant. Prune plants to maintain symmetrical bushes and to encourage strong new growth.  Cut back all  previous years growth as much as one-third its length.  Remove branches that cross through center and remove plants under stock (suckers).  Also prune weak , unproductive, and dead stems as needed. This will also encourage strong new growth." Small harvest of Chocolate Mint and Lavender mixed for potpourri.   Fragrant! Sunglasses recommended when going outside!

Rock Art, Indigenous Grassland, Smoky Hills and Mike

June 2011 Mike gets a closer look at a Bird Rock which is part of Coronado Heights.  Looking Northwest

Birthday Buzz: Sean turned Six

Liv, Sean, Eleanor & Chloe Lily below: Gotta love kids' birthday fun! Sean had fun. He got excited about a  battery operated Black Dragon named  Toothless"from   the movie "How to Train Your Dragon". I tell Sean that Toothless looks scary.  I must see the movie soon, so I can tell if Toothless is as scary as his name implies. Olivia was a gracious hostess. We enjoyed the weather together. I enjoyed my darlin' daughter and  family-   Gma and Gdad M. and my dad were there too. Chris holds baby Lily Mike holds Chlo-bear Sean's birthday was another "perfect weather day".

Mule and Speaking the Language

We stopped by the fence so I could get a photo of the "cute mule". He came right up and gave me a "Yeah, You're an idiot. Just take the picture." look before turning away. If I would have known how to "speak mule", maybe we could have had a little talk. " Besides, You gotta be able to do that to ride a mule. You can't do that, you can't get on a mule!" "Remember to practice in front of people daily." Next time I meet a mule, I'll be ready!

Volvo, Midsummer's, Harvest, Hail

Some members of he Volvo Club of America were in Lindsborg in conjunction with Midsummer's Day Festival. It wasn't  surprising to have temperatures close to 100 degrees. We took an evening drive and were pleased to see this blue Volvo on Coronado Heights.  In Lindsborg, Volvos began arriving from all directions to  meet and show. The weather swiftly took a change from rain to thunderstorms and hail. Mike is holding two pieces of hail:  Farm vehicles and implements are on the roads. Harvest Time driving norms are being observed. Notice: The Rumble Charge Yellow Truck passed us so he could pass the Gentleman Green Machine.  Beautiful Golden Wheat  John Deere Reaping a harvest "The earth has yielded to us its produce. God, our God blesses us.  God blesses us! Let the people praise Thee, O God!" Clouds Closer:

There you have it: "Your head is reeling."

Dad came to clean windows.  Sometimes he had to deal with curtains. He washed outside and removed windows so I could wash inside. We made a team, but he carried the weight. We talked while we worked and sometimes shared what Dad likes to call "companionable silence". I like Dad's choice of words "companionable silence"; It's a description I heard him use for Mom and himself and how they'd sometimes travel that way. Another word he said is, "reeling". I'd been praying for a word for the clamor of feelings I'm in. And there you have it; It is "reeling". Thanks Dad. Thanks God. I do hope for less "reeling" and more real, real soon. He made the windows gleam! Here are a few definitions for "reel/reeling" Feel very giddy, disoriented, or bewildered, typically as a result of an unexpected setback - the unaccustomed intake of alcohol made my head reel - the nationalist government is already reeling from

The town may have lost its pep, but not its Pepsi machine.

"There are 9 of them."

Electricity An old New Holland "1114 Hydrostatic Sperry New Holland" A newer New Holland Teeth like Fingery Discy Tine Thingys The wheat in these parts is getting golden! Loose Caboose

Speaker Wires, Crayons ...

Speaker Wires, Crayons,  Sean and "Where's Waldo?",   Sean and George,  El's Shoes,  Crayon Levitation,   Ellie's "Yellowface Orangebody Bunny",  Chlo-Bear with Pink-Eared Puppy,  Chlo-Bear Art,  View Out Speaker wires in an electrical box. (Photo by Sean) Crayons (really?) Sean is looking for Waldo. Sean is taping together an "E" for his sister! Ellie's sandals (Photo by El) Weird Crayon "levitation"  Orangebody Yellowface Bunny (Photo by El) Chloe and a pink-eared pup Chloe's Coloring View Out  (Photo by Sean or El)