June 24, 2011

Rock Art, Indigenous Grassland, Smoky Hills and Mike

June 2011

Mike gets a closer look at a Bird Rock which is part of Coronado Heights. 

Looking Northwest


TAB said...

I didn't know they had those up there.
Dad looks good!

Laurie said...

Tab- I think I remember carving into sandstone as a family somewhere on the east side of the hill on one of our picnics or hikes and feeling a bit irresponsible as a parent "teaching" you girls to deface public property. Or did you learn to do that on Indian Rock or at KBC? So much fun with the kids, yet so much balance and responsibility and guilt! We've had some fun times in the hills! Coronado Heights, Indian Rock, all over Kanopolis and how about the one we all rolled down across from Hohneck Rd.!
I think the rocky-top road was getting worse, but recently it was given a fresh layer of gravel, so it's a little better, but still rock-hard, rough and bumpy! Dad and I were remembering when you "high centered" Mema's red car up on Coronado Heights when you were a new driver! (Liv, Christine, Princess and Prisca were with?) Did you use a cell phone to call Dad, The Kind and Patient Rescuer, or was that pre-cell phones? It seems like a short time ago, but then again, it seems quite distant! Yes, I agree. Dad does look good!
Love ya!

Zoanna said...

Very cool bird, and the view brings back a good memory of when you took Barb and me up there!

Olivia said...

Like that bird!

I remember that car incident. I think someone up there helped us??? I don't quite remember... Seems pre-cellphone though. Crazy!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

The view is stunning!!

Olivia said...

Oh and that last picture reminds me of a "crop circle"

Laurie said...

Hey Liv! That's what I thought too! I have other photos that may help to "verify" our suspicions!

Laurie said...

Liv- Dad says it could have been an Indian village. I like his idea even better!. " On the other hand", Dad says, "It may just be a shifting in the earth, like a sink hole or something." Hmmm.