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"Habit Is Inevitable"

Recently, I was reminded of the importance and inevitability of habits. The book, For The Children’s Sake, by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay was brought to mind. I located our book then wondered if I could find the quote. Sure enough the page had been dog-eared. I’m not a fan of dog-eared pages, but in this case, I was glad for the ease in finding the page! The quote: “We have lost sight of the fact that habit is to life what rails are to transport cars. It follows that lines of habit must be laid down toward given ends and after careful survey, or the joltings and delays of life become unsupportable. More, habit is inevitable. If we fail to ease life by laying down habits of right thinking and right acting, habits of wrong thinking and wrong acting fix themselves of their own accord.”

Wetter Weather and Summer Sun Result in Funky Fungus and a Potted Profusion

Same Day a Few Years Back

This was taken on the same day as the post below... Brother Henry seems a little unsure as he meets his new sister, Naomi. They are giggle buddies now! Marcail checks out the car seat . Aunt Christine holds Naomi.

A few things I love about Kansas:

These photos were taken during a delightful country drive after a brief thunderstorm this evening. Kansas sky above a harvested wheat field and farmsteadas storm clouds roll away Kansas sky after the thunderstorm Kansas Sky through trees

More things I love about Kansas:

A Farm Dog named "Little Joe" Free Range Poultry Fawns spotted in an open pasture A brown spotted cow

Here's the Thing: You'll like this video. Just kidding. You'll hate it. Just kidding. Just kidding...

We don't watch SNL which is beside the point in some respects. We don't have cable or satelite t.v. or whatever the new thing is. We listen to the radio, rent videos and even re-watch videos (or dvds) we own. (Imagine!) It's just the way we are and I don't mind right now. Maybe you've seen this? I saw this on a blog whose author got it from another blog whose author got it from another... and that's the way it know, the whole "caught in a web" thing. I liked it. You'll hate it. Just kidding, you'll love it, just kidding, you'll hate it, just kidding, just kidding... Here's a link if the video below won't load.And here is a link if the link above to the video below won't load. The last link is to a different (lower quality) video, but if it's all you can get, it's good enough!

I'm Just Sayin...

"Greetings!" "Are you here for a visit or an exchange?" This sign was spotted as we drove around the town where I grew up. Maybe there are some days parents think an exchange (or just a visit) might be a good idea? (After all the grand-cutie posts, here's the flip-side post!) God made 'em cute for a reason, because let's be honest, there are those days... Hang in there Moms and Dads.Teach them. Train them. Love them. Oh, how these walk hand-in-hand.

Yummy (and I mean YUMMY!) Crab Legs at my Folks!

What a treat! Mom and Dad served Mike and me a delicious, yummy and "worth all effort" crab leg dinner! Mom provided tee shirt "bibs" for us all! Thanks Mom and Dad!

Tomato Jungle, Kawazan Cherry Tree and Sunflowers

In my folks backyard.

Gotta Love That Face! Sean!

Mr. Good Humor Boy!

Gotta Love That Face! Eleanor!

Miss Peek-a-boo I love you!

Gotta Love That Face! Chloe!

Daddy and Sean admiring baby Chloe Aunt Christine bathes Chloe Little Miss Curious Crawler Chloe!

Gotta Love That Face! Henry!

And ya gotta love that boy! Henry Alexander (Mr. Always Thinkin) a dirty face and a few baths back! And Mike says with a grin and nose flared with emotion, "He IS a cute little critter, even though he drives his mom mad!"

Gotta Love That Face! Marcail!

And ya gotta love that girl! Marcail Lynne Yep! Miss Always Thinkin!

Those Faces! Henry and Marcail: The Twins and Mommy Tabitha

Gotta Love That Face! Naomi!

Naomi and Daddy Sweet Cuddly Naomi Naomi and Aunt Christine Naomi (Miss Cute Happy Baby!)