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Giving Thanks 2013

We did it again! We shared Thanksgiving dinner among 16, but didn't take a a group photo! All those cameras and no group photo? Wild!! Here are a few from Thanksgiving and the prep-day before! All the family lovingly did much to make the day sweeter! Liv's loves 2013
"Go long!"
Liv and sweet Lill',  me and sweet El! 
sweet El w/ a black eye Grandad and Lil'

The kids made a buncha paper snowflakes and decorated houseplants!
Playing  Sisters Chloe laughs and sings with Grandad

 Liv lugs the vacuum and smiles! (Thanks to Olivia!)

Climbin' Around the Old Mill Park

Straight and Curvy over the Bridge

Straight Path on Walk and Roll Trail
Curvy Path 
On the bridge:

Looking over and anchored high
Pale crescent moon on the rise (I think grandson S. took many of these photos)
Hobo Camp of days gone by
Green black walnuts
Black walnut hulls
Eye Spy Poison Ivy

Fresh crisp day

Bug Bop & Caterpillar Climb

Carey Park 

Overcast Sky; Sunny Day

South Main Hutchinson:

Fire Station Downtown Hutch
Landmark Building  Downtown Hutch
Union Labor Temple 5th & Main Downtown Hutchinson

Estella Cow Says...

Not so long ago, Medora Corner was a stopping place along K-61. It surely has a varied and colorful history! I remember when it was a produce stand offering  yummy summer produce, peaches and pumpkins in the Fall! Everything changes… and now that K-61 has been rerouted, Medora is almost forgotten. Mike and I stopped and took some photos on a day with overcast skies. Medora, KS 2013

On the same overcast day, closer to Hutch (during K-61 reroute project):

Yard Action on K-61: