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Stuffies and Crayons

Liv and the kids came over.
At one point Sean and Eleanor pulled all the dolls and stuffies out and piled them on the divan.
The giant George had been in the storage room, but when Sean asked if I could get "The Big Huge George" I dragged it out and Sean was thrilled!

 At Sean's request, Christine made an outline of a truck and a bird so he could color them.
At Eleanor's request, I made a bird for her to color. I'd show it except after I made the bird, she looked at me funny, but sweetly and said,
"Not like that. (Silly Grammy!) Like Christine's!" And then she colored black over it! There's nothing like confirmation of what I've known since 1st grade. "I can't draw."  So she made her own cool pictures.

Chloe actually had an extended fun time of coloring without eating or spilling the crayons!

Here's The Thing: A Pile Of Good Intentions

Thank you. Thinking of you. Happy Birthday. Get well.
I love you.

I have cards and a pen. I even have the stamps.
I have a pile of good intentions.

I admit to distractions. For one, these flower hat lady vases needed some attention before I could begin.
Stamped and ready to send!


Christine (in black top) has been volunteering at the nursing home. She loves her job because "she likes working with the residents".
I think she has a knack.
This day there was a group of kids who came to play BINGO with the residents. Christine is pictured with a tray of candy bars and chippy snacks used as practical Bingo prizes.

"I Can't Tell You Why"

I can't tell you why, but these are photos I was compelled to take.
Mike took this photo of a chicken on a roof.

This car was getting fuel when we were fueling our car.

More Zune Reflections

Wildflowers on my skirt

I thought of this once overplayed Eagles song.
I can't tell you why, but the singer was reminding me of Jim Carrey- the face, not the hair- and the lead guitarist was reminding me of a local homeschool dad except the local dad would have been chewing gum.
"I can't tell you why."

The Lake, My Lake

This is the road that Mike and I took to get to the lake on our leisurly drive a few days ago. When I was a young girl, my family took this road every weekend possible to play at the lake. We began by camping in tents near shore and later bought a tiny cabin with no running water or plumbing. Wasps ruled the outhouse. Heat took over most days and was relentless most nights. But when the sun was high on those summer days and the wind was still, I loved the lake, my lake. Running barefoot Exploring the beaches Submerging for the highest count Swimming to exhaustion
Learning to ski by taking off from Dad's arms with my knees tucked into my chest until the pull of the boat pulled me upright and I was off! Ahhhhh! I'm skiing! Hold on! I'm skiing! I'm SKIING!!! Jump some waves! Hold on! WooHoo!! Enjoy the view!

Boat Docks

 Clever Cabin
All those times at the lake and I hadn't remembered it.
A line of mailboxes in our cabin community A post and Sumac When I was a young girl, Kanopoli…

Along the Road

Our drives used to take place on Sunday afternoons almost as a ritual or a much needed therapy. These days we drive on Sunday afternoons when we can get away together, but often we take out in the evenings when the sun is beginning to set. Sometimes we stop for photo taking. Sometimes we purposefully leave the camera out of our picture. This evening we took these:

Garden view at home taken before leaving

Cedar Berries
A bridge in a rocky field near Roxbury

Artillery and a huge sandstone boulder sitting in a country cemetery (Roxbury) without any informative plaque or explanation. Is this a common sight I have overlooked in other cemeteries?

Two Uncles and an Aunt

Because I’m in a reminiscing mood. These were taken a couple years ago when relatives visited from Ohio. There are many more photos from the visit, but here are a few favorites.

Uncle Don and Uncle Doyle "Here's what happened." "Well! Look at the time."

Aunt Arlene, the Encouraging "Oh Laurie, these are nice pictures."


Tuesday after a reckless and used day
I was running and running without a chance
To stop and chat at the sky
Finally i stopped for a breath in the evening
Suddenly I was caught by the scenery
Painting a picture of You
Day set, scatters of clouds in the distance
They whitewash the backdrop of secrets
Whispering shadows of blue
In more delicate hues

My Mom, My Friend

Happy Birthday to the birthday girl!
Love ya Mom!

Thanks to Liv for taking the photographs!
Thanks to Dad for hosting the party!

Looking back

These photos help, but just a bit, with the homesickness I feel when we're too many states away.
Photos from when Tab and the family came for a visit in April which seems like forever ago.

Tab in the kitchen!
Good food and good fun!

The Papa, James
Henry making ready for the aim with Grandad's caulking gun!

Marcail Lynne

Nay Nay baby

I'm looking back and remembering good times.

Chris, Cleome and a Train

Olivia, Chris, Eleanor, Chloe and Sean

Christine, Chloe, Eleanor, Mike and Sean

Mike, Christine and I stayed with the kids while Chris and Liv went out to eat in celebration of Chris's b-day!
Fun times!

Who wants to wait for a train? Usually we don't. But when we had to stop for this train on our way home it proved to be a perfect photo opportunity!

 Showy Cleome in Lindsborg
I'd noticed it growing and finally the lighting was ripe for a photo or two!

While uploading the train photos a song came to mind from childhood somewhere. It reminded me of my brothers.
Mike doesn't remember the song. Anyone else heard it before?

Purge the Spurge and "Re-zest" the Nest!

I've been needing to purge and re-zest the nest for quite awhile. I am not finished and if I ever do finish it will be time to begin again!
Zoanna seemed to be in the same frame of mind and issued an encouraging invitation, to begin with a goal in mind.
I appreciated the challenge and encouragement!
I got some things done and it was fun!
I decided to collage the photos which may have a messy look. Maybe you can see some progress? It's a neater nest here for awhile!

"Purge the Spurge"
You may see how the spurge was beginning to encroach into the roses? I sort of like the ferny airiness of this spurge ground cover, but after hearing how my friend Nancy worked to purge the spurge from a garden where the spurge had taken over, I decided to "take dominion" before the spurge could.

"Desk Mess Dispelled"
Saying, "Just put it on my desk." enough times makes for a desk mess!
(The first photo is all about fuel to get the job done!)

Some before and afte…