July 22, 2010

Along the Road

Our drives used to take place on Sunday afternoons almost as a ritual or a much needed therapy. These days we drive on Sunday afternoons when we can get away together, but often we take out in the evenings when the sun is beginning to set. Sometimes we stop for photo taking. Sometimes we purposefully leave the camera out of our picture. This evening we took these:

Garden view at home taken before leaving

Cedar Berries

A bridge in a rocky field near Roxbury

Artillery and a huge sandstone boulder sitting in a country cemetery (Roxbury) without any informative plaque or explanation. Is this a common sight I have overlooked in other cemeteries?
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Zoanna said...

Very cool bridge!! I was gonna take pictures of MY black-eyed Susans this morning, too.
Got a technical question about Blogger. How do you get your pictures that large. When I click on "large" they aren't nearly as large as yours. What do I need to do?

TAB said...

Go to Blogger in Draft. Then, when you click on a picture you can choose small, medium, Large or Extra Large.

I REALLY like that bridge! Cool!
I don't know why that artillery is there. Odd!

Laurie said...

Zoanna- I think Tab answered the question. I chose Extra Large for these photos. Sometimes I have to "hold my tongue just right" to get it to take- meaning- Blogger seems to be buggy or fragile or at very least frustrating when in Draft mode, not always, but often. Also I'm uploading from Picasa (and I like Picasa mostly).