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Everydayness is Never Dull

Great Grandad Dale (Mike's Dad) and Nay Nay, Marky, Tab and Hen Hen

Nay Nay and my delightful and colorful surprise pillow from Zoanna (I'm lovin' it, Zo! Thanks!)

Henry with a bandaid on his chinny chin chin

Marcail lookin' at a toy mirror. She kept wanting me to look at myself and as I did I acted scared silly at the sight. She followed suit...

and cracked herself up! I don't know where Marcail gets her fun-lovin' silliness...

...Could be she gets it from her Mama!

Grandad Dale and the kids were playing catch with a beanbag fish. Marcail is cracking up again. I'd stand on my head for her robust giggle! Naomi was having her turn with the suction dart gun. She is aiming at the target Mike taped to the fridge.

Surprise Visit!

On Christmas morning Mike and I slept in, if sleeping until 8:30 counts for sleeping in. With just us in the house and nowhere to be until noon, we took advantage of the situation. By 9:00 I was slowly warming up to Christmas day when the phone rang. I answered and it was Tabitha. I thought it was sweet of her to take time to call from Florida with all the Christmas morning activity going on at her home. Come to find out, she was not calling from Florida. She was calling from Atlanta airport because she and the kids were heading home to Kansas for a surprise Merry Christmas! "What? Are you serious!
You little sneak! What time should we pick you up?..." So Mike and I kicked it into gear and were able to get to the airport just in time to pick them up!

Tab, Marcail, Naomi and Henry (We are thankful that they could come. Thankful James could send them, but disappointed that he couldn't come too as he had to stay and continue work.) Then we headed straight to Hutchinson for ou…

Here's the Thing

Hyper-packaging. Seriously?  Grrrrrrrr! We had a bit of pre-Christmas gifting after our Fleskpannkaka.

These snug bugs were snuggly packaged.  They were strapped in and tied down.

Not a problem. What else have I to do but yank, tear, pull and and cut (a ridiculous amount of tiny ties etc.) to get to the good stuff while the desire for the gift either gains momentum or falls rather flat?

Eleanor, Olivia and baby Lily


me and Eleanor

Mike and Chloe with Sean in the background 
I borrowed this from Olivia's blog. (I'm not sure how you managed it, Liv, but that's a fine family "self" portrait!)

Art Car Quirk and "The World's Largest Collection of the World's Smallest Versions of the World's Largest Things"

Okay. Maybe no one gives a rip, but the "art car" featured here just a few days ago has a story. (Oh. Really?) My Dad saw an article in the local paper and remembered the photo on this blog. He mentioned it when we talked today and wondered if I'd want to add the information. (He knows me!) The title is a link to the Art Car Story and I'm adding a bit about the quirky little Kansas town called Lucas which is where "The Garden of Eden is. (Had you wondered?) This "Garden of Eden" has been awarded one of The 8 Wonders of Kansas Art. (Huh?) It's the weirdest folk art museum I've seen in Kansas. There is a dank little tomb room for visitors to view the developer who is mummified there in hope of preservation and I can report that preservation is not pretty. Click to learn more about about the art car lady, Erika Nelson, a Lucas based artist and educator, who for the past ten years has been working on "The World's Largest Collection of the …

What do tomtes have to do with it?

Swedish tomten have little to do with real Christmas, but they have something to do with adding a Scandinavian flair to a shelf here and a plant there. I admit it. I'm taken with these guys!

Back in December 2008, I went a bit tomte crazy on this blog...

There You Have It: "Art Car"

Is the driver named "Art Car" or is this supposed to be an "art car"? We were at a stop light behind this truck. The photo is a bit blurred from being taken through our windshield, but there you have it.

O Christmas Tree, O Euphorbia Tree! How Pencily Are Your Branches!

See the "pencily" non-stickery branches?
 I spy a groovy green sparkly bauble

A tickled tangle and purple groovy

I spy a spider made by Mike out of a broken ornament's head and ornament hooks.

Fanciful Footwear  

Looky Here

"This song is a bit cynical as it is written, on one hand, from a cynic's perspective. Lamentably, the cynic's scoff is often not without provocation as we Christians, who should be most humbled of all people by the sheer grace of God in revealing His gospel to us, are often some of the most arrogant people on earth. Therefore, on that other hand, this is also a song of repentance." ~Mike

Everybody here is so righteous
Everybody here is so clean
Everybody here is so special
Everybody here simply, simply gleams
Now, looky here...

Everybody here's so together
Everybody here is so blessed
Everybody here's going to heaven
Everybody here wonders about the rest
Looky here...

Everybody here's in a big mess
We're corrupted and broken and smug
Everybody here needs forgiveness
Grace and mercy and love

Everybody here's so excited
Living on the edge of their seats
Everybody here knows all about it
Everybody here's just like me
Now, looky here...

Autumn's Merrymaking

Kansas in Autumn after most leaves have been blown from trees reveals a barer and braver landscape.  Now with the leafy curtains blown away,  what was sheltered just a few weeks ago is exposed. 

An old sign yard that Mike recently discovered near Probuild and Crane Rental. When we were in the area together today, he shared this funky spot with me. I love these glimpses of history!

Signs in a Line

Stacks of Signs

Old Pump Conversion
Supreme and Sublime Artistry