December 15, 2010

O Christmas Tree, O Euphorbia Tree! How Pencily Are Your Branches!

This year a Pencil Cactus (Euphorbia) becomes a Christmas tree.
I'd noticed this funky plant at my friend, Reva's, when it was knee-high some years ago. I thought it most unusual! Near the end of this summer, Reva asked if I'd be interested in having that plant now grown to above head height! It stands in the place where our Christmas tree usually stood in a sunny corner.
See the "pencily" non-stickery branches?

 I spy a groovy green sparkly bauble

A tickled tangle and purple groovy

I spy a spider made by Mike out of a broken ornament's head and ornament hooks.

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zz said...

Now THAT's an adorable Christmas tree--and what a way to "go green"!
I love the funkiness of the pencily, non-stickery branchesa! And I think Mike's spider just may have inspired a
craft I can make with Joel today! I have plenty of ornament hooks and some new cheapy glass balls.

zz said...

Is it as simple as tying hooks together and hot-gluing a head on?
How did Mike do it?

Laurie said...

Hey Zo! I think Mike did it during boredom while the girls and I fussed with getting the tree decorated just right! He found some ornament scraps and his hands got busy! It looks as though he just fashioned the hooks (8) into legs, twisted them together, stuck them up into the hole in the wooden head and voila- there you have it. No glue or mess. Just twisted fun!
Do you have a wooden head with a hole through it? (Not you personally, but you know what I mean? ;))

Anonymous said...

You are so clever! Your 'tree' is awesome.
Thanks so much for letting me use your 'old' tree...I am really enjoying it and these days it is a high'light' of my evenings. I can't wait for Joseph and Jacob to come and see it!
Love ya! When am I going to see you? I miss you friend!
Love ya,

Laurie said...

Carolyn! I'm pleased that you're enjoying the tree! Call soon and come over for a visit and a cup of tea! (You're the lady w/ a schedule. ;))

TAB said...

That's the coolest Christmas tree I've ever seen! Very, very Seuss-ish and Hoag-ish!
Wonder if South Florida makes those "Euphoric" cacti?

Olivia Arlene said...

I LOVE it! I didn't know you still had that silly spider! :-)

Shannon said...

I love your tree! What a great idea - still festive but totally different.