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Robin's Back and The Hens and Chicks Hatched!

We noticed the robin rebuilding her nest. We had taken it down once before , but not this time! She is one determined mother. She is SET. All the time I was snapping her photo, she was resolute and did not budge from her nest. She's staying!   And I hope she has many snug and warm blue eggs that hatch baby Robins! And Surprise!   Our "Hens and chicks" hatched a sweet pink flower!

Along the Road

In Marquette, Kansas Nice Feeling

On Our Sunday Drive

Mike's Mom invited us for supper. How could I resist taking garden photos!? The irises are showing off as a bunny looks on A bird feeder surrounded by lilacs Peonies Lily pads on a fish pond. See the fish? A shovel at rest ? I don't know. Is this how a shovel takes its ease?  

Sunday Snapshots

  Pots of Flowers by the front door Azalea   Bird's Nest on a Light Fixture by the Garage   Christine Holding a Bird's Nest Melissa, a Friend of our Church Fellowship, Holding her Baby in a Nest

A Buzz About a Parade I Didn't Attend!

There was a parade today. I didn’t go. The girls and I used to go every year! We'd arrive an hour early to get a spot to sit. After getting situated, we might get in line for a funnel cake, a cinnamon roll and some hot chocolate or coffee. The parade starts at 10:30 AM. Some years the beginning would be marked by a jet speeding overhead, fast and excitingly LOUD followed by whoops, cheers and shrieks! Some years a few small planes, old bi-planes or little trick planes would pass overhead to signal the parade’s beginning. Cheers followed but the noisy excitement of a loud jet was missing! I’m not sure what type of aircraft flew for opening the parade today. I didn’t stay around. As a matter of fact, I headed out of town after taking Christine to meet with her sister and family. I was relishing the thought of going the opposite direction of the crowds heading to Main Street. McDonalds would be slow and I could drive-thru quickly and be on my way. That was not the case! I was surpri

Here's the Thing: "What do you think you're DOING?"

Please read the title through clenched teeth and with a major amount of frustration. Okay. Now. Since we're gonna talk about kids, forget the cigarette in this clip. Okay. If you're a Mama or Daddy of little kids and you have just told one to please go pick up the toys or put away the crayons or to go to the kitchen and get a cup out of the fridge- any task that should only take a few minutes- let's say that your child seems to be taking longer time than necessary. Here's the thing. Your child may not be be playing the "air flute, sax, or percussion", but he may be side-tracked by a dozen other compelling imaginative songs or games. Imagination calls and he feels compelled to answer the call. It's just the way it is. The problem is that it's easy to get side-tracked and forget the task at hand. The hope is that the dear child will soon learn to put playing aside awhile so the task gets completed well... but may he never grow too old to play! Tab also

More Photos "Lagore"

I mean Photos "Galore". "Lagore" is a backwards-ish way of saying "galore" that Christine used to mix up and say when she was young. We liked it, so it stuck. Livi Lou, our daughter and the mama of three blessings! (She is expecting their fourth baby in September!)   Sean thought it was great fun to vacuum! He thought it was cool that our vacuum was orange, his favorite color! He asked his Mom if they could get one like Grammy's. He said he would vacuum all the time. The vacuum is rechargable. He used it until the charge ran out. He says he wants to use it again when he comes over next! Can ya dig Christine and Chloe's shiny eyes in the background? Maybe I shoulda cropped, but Ha! I liked the effect! Weird. I also like the green lighter placed temptingly on the end table. I lit a candle that Christine got me for Mother's Day and I forgot to put the lighter away. Before he left, Sean picked up the lighter, showed it to his sisters and ann

Say it or Sing it

I realize I haven't written anything for awhile. (Yes, I've posted photos galore, but I haven't said much.)  I think I don't have much to say. (Right. I know. That hasn't stopped me before!) Perhaps, more accurately - I  do have much to say, but I think it best not to say what I might say! See? I wonder if I could "sing it" instead of say it. I imagine a conversation in song instead of words...   It would most likely be a cacophony. But then again, it could work! '' Here's a link if the video won't work.

Along the Road (Some More)

Mike, the builder, needed to go to Lowes this afternoon and asked if Christine and I would like to come along. Of course! I grabbed the camera on our way out and on our way home, Mike drove us through Assaria where he turned to look at a guy's "collection" of old metal towers and an odd assortment of other "treasures". It appears that what used to be a small town grain elevator and the metal sheds around it has become a home for the man and space for his collection. (I didn't think to snap photos of this. Maybe next time.) When we got back into Lindsborg, we stopped at the small and friendly local greenhouse , then drove leisurly around town. Mike is patient and doesn't seem to mind at all when I say, "Stop! I wanna get a picture of..." Poppies, Purple Flowers and a Yellow Iris in a Backyard in Assaria, Kansas   We've noticed many backyards have various sized stacks of brick   Gotta love poppies! A Brightly Wrapped Tree in a Lindsb

Along the Road: Town and Country

  VW Beetle Downtown Lindsborg Gazebo on the edge of town "Tree Man" in a Cemetery (Can you see him?) Peony buds Esping barn and chickens Christine drove and I snapped photos. We went out to two different cemeteries to visit the graves of friends who have gone before us then we drove to the Esping farm to get some delicious goat milk.