May 14, 2010

A Buzz About a Parade I Didn't Attend!

There was a parade today. I didn’t go. The girls and I used to go every year! We'd arrive an hour early to get a spot to sit. After getting situated, we might get in line for a funnel cake, a cinnamon roll and some hot chocolate or coffee. The parade starts at 10:30 AM. Some years the beginning would be marked by a jet speeding overhead, fast and excitingly LOUD followed by whoops, cheers and shrieks! Some years a few small planes, old bi-planes or little trick planes would pass overhead to signal the parade’s beginning. Cheers followed but the noisy excitement of a loud jet was missing!

I’m not sure what type of aircraft flew for opening the parade today. I didn’t stay around. As a matter of fact, I headed out of town after taking Christine to meet with her sister and family. I was relishing the thought of going the opposite direction of the crowds heading to Main Street. McDonalds would be slow and I could drive-thru quickly and be on my way. That was not the case! I was surprised! At 5 minutes till parade time, McDonalds was abuzz with last minute drive-thru business! What!? I wanted to shout, “What are you people doing here? What are you thinking? The parade will start in 5 minutes! You’ll miss the beginning! You’ll miss the aircraft! You may even miss your kids marching with their school band! Do you think you can just rush to Main Street, get a place to park and a place to sit? The main streets have already been blocked off and downtown is nearly overflowing with people! Get going!” 
I’d never been to the opposite side of town at parade time. Maybe it’s always like this. I asked the lady at the drive-thru a stupid question. “Has it been wildly busy all morning?“ She smiled and said, “It’s been crazy all morning and it will be crazier after the parade!” When I got to the next window to pick up my food, the young man gave me my iced coffee with light sweetener and sausage McMuffin, then he asked as he reached forward with an extra cup, “Would you also like a warm mocha because we accidentally made an extra.” “Sure!” is how I answered and buzzed is how I now feel after all that caffeine. I came home to work like a busy bee and now that I’m all abuzz, I’m going to get busy!

Here's a photo from the "All School's Day Parade" several years ago.
Christine holding baby niece Naomi sitting beside friend, Molli!


TAB said...

What a fun parade it is. Times have changed since havin kids!

Olivia Arlene said...

I really got a kick out if this post! Maybe all those people all McD's were thinking the same thing you were! They were wanting to avoid all the downtown parade hustle and bustle too!

The types of planes this year were not as exciting as the jets used to be, but still fairly loud!

Pretty cool you got a free mocha! Yum! Did you get lots done since you were all abuzz?

Olivia Arlene said...

"At" McD's :-) Ooops!

Laurie said...

Liv- Right. It seemed like we all had the same idea! I did assume people were running late for the parade! The assumption was made by the license plate locations and the teen-aged drivers trying to tear around the congested parking lot/drive thru! I remembered how I was as a young driver who was always running late. (I still tend to run late.) I also made the assumption by the many vans and suvs with writing on the windows, things like: "Cougar Cheerleaders #1" or "Conner, Greg and Austin-State Champs" or "Trojans Can't Be Beat" or "Northside Middle School Marching Band Rocks" that the parent drivers and toddler passengers were heading to the parade!

Thanks for the aircraft report!
And I did get a few things done!

Laurie said...
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Laurie said...
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