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Photophile Photo File

Birthday Buzz: Time to Celebrate, Tab!

Happy Birthday, Tab!  It's a fairly BIG one this year for you AND me! You are a treasure, my sweet daughter. I love you, babe. Just you mind that... and this: Okay, now allow me some verklempt sentimentality! This isn't about a birthday , but the words still apply!

Here's the Thing: Poetry Reading

Honestly, when it comes to poetry, I'm ignorant, inexperienced and impatient. Still, I am interested! When I read or listen to poetry I'm oftentimes frustrated by my ignorance and more frustrated with my lack of proficiency and determination to learn more! Yet in spite of my apprehension, I remain captivated and hope that through exposure, use and practice I will gain some proficiency! But mostly, I desire to experience poetry in the same spirit my Mom taught me to make a pie crust when she said, "Don't be afraid of the dough, Laurie!" (I'm still some afraid of the dough, but I love pie!)  I follow a poetry blog called Belly up, It's a Poetry Feed and when the author, Karsten Piper, invited readers to read and record poetry, I thought, "Why not?"! (Then I made a mental list of all the reasons "why not", but those reasons were not as compelling as reading poetry!) So, even though I am embarrassed to hear my voice and inadequacies, I a

Birthday Buzz: Lily's 1st!

Lilyana with her cake and candle! Olivia took a lot of photos! Here she is taking a photo and I'm taking a photo of her taking a photo! I love the way the sun was highlighting her auburn hair! I had my camera on a weird setting for this one. (Sorry Liv, but I still like it!) Liv, Lily and Chloe Chris and Chloe looking at a birthday card Chris is getting very sleepy with the sun on his back. I adore Chlo-bear's expression! Mike loves a party!  Truly,  a good time was had by all! This was taken a few days after the party.  Three sisters and their Grammy!


Unintentional capture and surprise fun! While looking at the architectural design of the Masonic Temple and snapping photos, I almost missed the wedding party!  See the wedding photographer?  Masonic Temple:  S. Santa Fe St., Salina,  Kansas

Grief Brief: In the Secret of His Presence

It's so weird... This day displays perfect Autumn weather; It's cool, crisp, mild, and the breezes are understated. I got up earlier than usual so Mike and I could take our car to the shop for some tune-up repairs. What a delight to find the weather so friendly and agreeable! After our errand I came back home with a mental list to tackle which called for coffee to help spur me on! Then somewhere in the busyness of activity and that cup of coffee, I wanted to call Mom to share a piece of the morning with her. And I was jolted again by the realization of her abscence and how easy it was to pick up the phone to hear her voice last year at this time. As quickly as I think I've passed this grief burst stage of grieving, another one bursts unexpectedly and with force enough to change the course of my day. I keep praying that the grief that changes the day and stops me in my tracks would also draw me nearer to God. In the secret of His presence how my

Feeding the Ducks, Geese and Grand-Munchkins

 It was a treat to go to the park and feed the ducks and geese on a mild summer-into-autumn morning!  I used to go to the park with my Grandma to feed the ducks.  How swiftly  time passes...  Now I'm a Grandma at the park feeding ducks with grandchildren!  Blessings indeed! Sean, Eleanor, Chloe, Mike and Olivia In Grammy's Sunglasses: Lily liked the leaves' shadows


I see two! These birds were spotted in Dad's backyard in the Kwanzan cherry tree which was a favorite of Mom's! I think they are a type of dove.