September 27, 2011

Here's the Thing: Poetry Reading

Honestly, when it comes to poetry, I'm ignorant, inexperienced and impatient. Still, I am interested! When I read or listen to poetry I'm oftentimes frustrated by my ignorance and more frustrated with my lack of proficiency and determination to learn more! Yet in spite of my apprehension, I remain captivated and hope that through exposure, use and practice I will gain some proficiency! But mostly, I desire to experience poetry in the same spirit my Mom taught me to make a pie crust when she said, "Don't be afraid of the dough, Laurie!" (I'm still some afraid of the dough, but I love pie!) 
I follow a poetry blog called Belly up, It's a Poetry Feed and when the author, Karsten Piper, invited readers to read and record poetry, I thought, "Why not?"! (Then I made a mental list of all the reasons "why not", but those reasons were not as compelling as reading poetry!) So, even though I am embarrassed to hear my voice and inadequacies, I am pleased that poetry is being written, read and shared! Thanks to Karsten for reading (and writing), for the pleasure of listening, for the invitation to read and for graciousness to a novice! Here's a link to the poems I read, but better yet is a visit to Belly Up, it's A Poetry Feed to hear contemporary poetry read by Karsten Piper!


Olivia said...

I think you did swell! :) I forgot to tell you that the other day

TAB said...

I listened to it the other day and I think it sounded great!

Bill and Chris said...

Your voice is beautiful!
And I'm inspired to go read--and maybe write--some poems :-)