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Where one may take photos of a canine companion

~I take photos of my walking companion~ The Active Walker The seat/basket/table, which  is a very smart idea. (Who needs a fanny pack?) The handlebar where my water cup hitches a ride- The brake lever is connected below the handlebar See the little metal brake/stop? It is applied at the handlebars. The red lever near the seat lifts to fold, pulling the wheels together. See how useful is that table! I'm pushing coffee, cream and a cup on the table/tray of my formerly owned geranium-colored walker .  Chloe sits properly on my walker seat with the brakes in the locked position!

A Time for Pink-Sparkle Slippers

A time for pink sparkle slippers * A time to dream A time to handle the earth and play in the dirt A time to rest A time for communication, reminders & photographs * A time to consider- A time to keep A time to … what? A time to keep it real? A time to keep it scary? * Thankfully there is  a time for pink-sparkle slippers! * * Eleanor's photos


Three Sisters at the Piano Two Sisters with Mama (Photo taken by the big sister)

Here's the Thing: MS Mess and Mobility

I've mentioned my struggles with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) here before. I'm not sure why I don't write about it more often, but I think the primary reason is that every time I try to iron it out in my mind, it gets more messy and wrinkled. I stammer and stutter trying to settle my MS mess.  It has been over a decade since I was diagnosed with the disease.  So, why write about it now? I would rather ignore it, forget about it and compartmentalize it away, but it is too real to ignore.  It has affected almost every part of my life in one way or another. I'd say that the most obvious change has been that I am rarely without wheels.  Using a mobility device is a new normal. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Before I knew what MS was I did cartwheels  Ran racing with my daughter full speed down the country road  Tap Danced (my version) from kitchen to patio  Rushed through life and never gave physical limitations a second thought;  Now that I know w

Tabby and Toby

Tired Tabby and Tuckered-Out Toby! Please pray for the pair! Please pray for all the Wright family as they   adjust to a new baby love! Toby is doing well and learning how to be out of the womb  and into the big world!

New Grandson and his Siblings!

Love, sweet love! Toby James was born at home in Florida on April 9, 2012. Congratulations to our daughter, Tabitha and son-in-law,  James! I hope to have a photo of Mommy, Daddy and Baby very soon! Congratulations to his happy sisters and brother! Marcail and Toby Henry and Toby Naomi and Toby