April 27, 2012

Where one may take photos of a canine companion

~I take photos of my walking companion~

The Active Walker

The seat/basket/table, which is a very smart idea.
(Who needs a fanny pack?)

The handlebar where my water cup hitches a ride-
The brake lever is connected below the handlebar

See the little metal brake/stop? It is applied at the handlebars.

The red lever near the seat lifts to fold, pulling the wheels together.

See how useful is that table!
I'm pushing coffee, cream and a cup on the table/tray of my formerly owned geranium-colored walker

Chloe sits properly on my walker seat with the brakes in the locked position!


Laurel said...

Thanks for sharing pieces of your life, friend. It feels somehow like you're giving me a delicate gift.

tsbjf said...

Seems like a well thought out walker! Functional and practical. And the grandkids think it's cool. Makes a nice seat! Remember the cane my grandma Hazel had? Some of the younger boys in my family thought it'd be a cool thing to play with [thoughts of weaponry I'm sure], but she didn't allow that which was probably good in that case.

TAB said...

Thanks for sharing, mom! i am glad for your honesty even when its difficult.

Zoanna said...

Cool design. Does the tray lift off completely or is it hinged? Are there any improvements you would make to it to serve your needs better?

Laurie said...

Laurel- Thanks be to God for delivering a delicate gift through my awkwardness!

Joanne- Your Grandma was spunky and smart! I barely remember her cane, but she was wise to keep it close by and away from the boys! :)

Tab- Thanks, babe!

Zoanna- Good questions! The seat/tray is hinged so it stays put! (I think I'd loose my seat if it weren't attached!)
At least three improvements could be made: :
1. Smart custom-designed cup holder!
2. Better brake system!
3. Less wobble in front wheels!
The walker could be greatly improved by a better design for a cup-holder. As it is, the cup-holder bought from the company was a waste of money! it is too restrictive (size wise) and flimsy. So I hook my insulated cup onto the handlebar which takes up the space where my hand should firmly grip… so I modify, but uncomfortably!
I've had trouble with brakes not staying locked. POP! The handlebar snaps up, releases the brake on the tire and that is all kinds of uh-oh! frustrating!
The wheel wobble is just annoying! (I'm not sure how to fix or modify!)

Laurie said...

But on the other hand, I love my Active Access Rollator for these reasons:
Sturdy, but not too heavy
Large front wheels, thus a smoother roll!
Arc-Angle design
Easy Access levers for adjustments:of seat height, handlebar position and folding for transport
Storage basket under seat/tray
An option for tilting the walker when climbing a curb etc. at the back wheels… if balance is good enough to stand on one foot for the climb!
Seriously cool design feature for those users who have good balance.
Oh yeah, the walker also has some well placed light reflectors and red plastic handlebar reflectors too. Good ideas!

Olivia said...

I know it's not something you ever wanted, to be attached to a mobility device, but I am glad that you have your walker and that it helps. It does make a useful serving tray! And the kids to think it's cool :)

Chris said...

Very sweet and so like you to think of it as geranium colored. :-)