October 13, 2010


Naomi on my grey rollator

Eleanor and Sean

My original grey rollator has been a neccesary help and it has been used hard enough to have aquired an annoying, wobbly and apparently unfixable front right wheel. When I checked to see if it was still available, I found that it was, but only in the color "geranium".

My new "geranium" colored rollator (and Eleanor)

I think I would not have have chosen pink,
but it is a smooth ride and a rather perky color!
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TAB said...

Well, you're right, the color is perky! I like Geraniums! They're perky too.

Chris said...

I like the pink!
Kind of looks like spring out there in Kansas, rather than autumn...

Zoanna said...

I like the pink rollator. Have you named her Gerrie?

Izzy's Mommy said...

I am not a "pink" person... I generally try to stay away from pink.... although I do own a lot of pink lol ... anyway, although not a pink person per say... i LIKE the pink Rollator! Very stylish! :)