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Helping Grandpa and A Plethora of Plant Potting Posts

Naomi stuck by Grampa's side and wanted to experience as much dirt and hands-on fun as possible!

Marcail the Mild

Henry the Helpful

Naomi the Natural

Sweet Silliness

Sister and Brother I did ask for "funny faces"! Marcail, Naomi and Henry!

Princess and Tabitha Then and Now

Princess and Tabitha are those rare girls who have maintained a friendship since childhood. They are picture below from early friendship to today! Sisters Princess and Prisca and Sisters Tabitha and Olivia (then)   Princess and Tabitha working on a craft project (then) Back Then the girls climbed trees together, took hikes, played make-believe and wondered about being "grown-ups"... Now they are all grown up with families... and laptops! Princess and her laptop (Now) Tab and her laptop (Now) Princess and Tabitha (now!)   Now! Here are Tab's kids and Princess' kids together! Blessings Indeed!

Liv's move

I didn't get pics of the new house (duh!)! Here is some action at the apartment they moved from! The guys in action Dad Liv (in blue), Christine, Cassie and the kids at the playground  staying "out of the way"  Eleanor Sean Christine and Chloe

Sunday Drive and Saying Goodbye

  Tab and her family before they left to go back home to Florida   James and Naomi Tab Kansas Sky Mama and baby At Maxwell Game Preserve Roadside Wildflowers

Backyard Springtime at Mom and Dad's

    Yoshimo Cherry Tree   Flowering Almond Honeysuckle Variety Henry Deer Mom and Tab Dad