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Anton Pearson Woodcarver Home and Studio

The House



Studio Entry

Inside Studio


Wood Carved Woman 

Men and a Cow

Carvings on a Shelf

Swedish Dancers and Accordion Player

Easter 2011: Sean's Snaps and More

The Covered Patio (Sean) Riding Toy (Sean) Gazing Ball (Sean) 'The Empty Birdbath (Sean) Viburnum (Sean)
Dwarf Peach Tree (Sean) A Sprinkler and Sean's Shoe (Sean)
Black Metal Chair (Sean)
Sean's shadow and Eleanor (Sean)
 Purple Flowers Purple Egg
Sean's Sky Photos- I counted 23 of these sky photos! Most of them were of cloudless blue sky. He may have thought it was way cool to aim up into the blue sky (and it is), but I suspect he was trying to get some birds in flight!

See the 4 birds above?

Sean's Self Photo
''' Sean's Portraits of Mike and me