April 26, 2011

Easter 2011: Sean's Snaps and More

The Covered Patio (Sean)
Riding Toy (Sean)
Gazing Ball (Sean)
'The Empty Birdbath (Sean)
Viburnum (Sean)

Dwarf Peach Tree (Sean)
A Sprinkler and Sean's Shoe (Sean)

Black Metal Chair (Sean)

Sean's shadow and Eleanor (Sean)

 Purple Flowers Purple Egg

Sean's Sky Photos-
I counted 23 of these sky photos! Most of them were of cloudless blue sky. He may have thought it was way cool to aim up into the blue sky (and it is), but I suspect he was trying to get some birds in flight!

See the 4 birds above?

Sean's Self Photo

Sean's Portraits of Mike and me

I snapped most of these last ones unless noted otherwise:

Liv and Lily

Liv's Pie

Carrot Cake


Mike washes a lid.



Nathan (Sean's pic)


Chloe hides her eyes while Easter eggs are being hidden.

Sean hides his eyes too. My Dad (Great Granddad) watches Sean!

Where are the eggs?

Eleanor sees one!

Mike's sis (Aunt Julie) and Eleanor

Baby Lilyana

Livi, Lily, Eleanor and me holding hands

Baby Lily

Liv and Lily

Egg and Confetti on my skirt...


Zoanna said...

Wow! Where to start commenting? A list...

1. Sean seems drawn to geometric shapes. I like the triangles of hardscape and shadows in the tricycle pic. I see the circles and ovals...but gotta admit, saw no birds. Maybe it's the old eyes that betray me?

2. He did a great portrait of Mike!

3. Lily's soft ear and neck...were you thinking how nibble-able? I would be as grammy or mommy or auntie.

4. Lily's brown eyes sparkle like chocolate drops!

5. The confetti on skirt is very cool. Great play of color and pttern.

tsbjf said...

A lot of good pictures! And Sean is getting good at taking some too! Hayley has been into taking pictures lately as well, it's always interesting to see what they as kids find picture-worthy. Self-portraits are a must! :)

Olivia Arlene said...

Nice pictures mom! Sweet baby Lily *sigh*

Ellie LOVES Great Aunt Julie and her silly laugh ;)