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Only He Knows

what this new year holds.  I often measure things in time, failing to remember clearly all that has passed, not knowing what will be. But God knows. He knows and he leads. May I follow Him as my Shepherd. May I follow Him meekly, confidently, thankfully and obediently in this new year and ever more.

"Time is a monster...

that cannot be reasoned with. It responds like a snail to our impatience, then it races like a gazelle when you can't catch your breath." A quote from Benjamin Button I've been thinking about the swift passage of time. Our daughter,  Tab , got me thinking of it, then Zoanna said this in reference to photographs which mark the passing of time: "The older I get, the more I realize that photos just don't capture the essence of my memories. I remember snippets of laughter and conversation and feelings better than actual events. And the best of my memories have not been photographed at all. They were the ones when I was enjoying the moment rather than trying to capture them on film." Another year is drawing to a close... but a new one begins. "If there is this much, there is more." B. Zamrzla I rejoice because Christ "... fills all in all." Ephesians 1:23 Thankfully, Laurie

"Kickin Back"

with Ruth! And a Few More Christmas Photos !

On Our Sunday Drive

Mike wanted to go to Lowe's and I didn't mind, especially since the garden center seems to be vibrant in almost any season! A gorgeous green succulent Just look at the orchids that were blooming! Then Mike sort of "threw a wrench" in the garden gazing and we went to look at tools and stuff... I know nothing about tools really, except I like the green of Hitachi brand. The color is not a good enough reason to buy a tool, but if it were up to me... Ummm. This is pretty. Nice large print, too! There are many screwdriver sizes. They hang there very orderly. These are box-end wrenches. They come in various sizes too. Orderly hammers Rolls of brown paper in the paint department. It was a colorful Sunday drive. Another lovely colored and designed orchid

A Few More Christmas 2009 Photos (Some from Liv's camera)

Christine and Chloe Don me with much camera flash Sean and Eleanor "Joy and Peace" Olivia Chloe with a seive which was a Bingo gift! Silly Santas Liv, Mike and Eleanor

Christmas Faces

Love, sweet love... Mike and Chloe Chloe and me My Dad My Mom My dear Dad and Mom Steve, my brother Ben, my nephew John, my brother Cyndi , John's wife Emily, my neice (John and Cyndi) Dad and Emily working on a tricky triangle puzzle Olivia (Kansas) talking to her sister, Tabitha (Florida) on the phone Chris, Liv's husband Chris and Sean with that whacked-out puzzle Sean Eleanor Eleanor and Christine Julie, Mike's sister Nathan, Julie's son Silly Sean and me

Christmas Confession

This has to be the most “going through the motions” Christmas I can remember. UGH!   I could list the Top 10 reasons, but I’m not going to. Instead I’ll tell a quick story. Yesterday I needed to get out of the house. When I say "needed", I mean I actually needed a few things. I would have been happy to stay home and in my p.j.s all day. I didn’t want to go anywhere for any reason. I needed to. So I got dressed, composed my list and headed out to the car.   But before I could leave I made two trips back inside; once to get my cell phone which was hiding, so I had to call from our home phone to locate it and once to grab my water cup. Each time I re-entered the house, I’d think, “I don’t really need to go to Scott's, do I?” But I’d always answer and say, “Yes, you need to go.” Lest anyone reading is in fear that I’m going batty with talking to (and answering) myself, the thought has crossed my mind too.   When I finally backed out of the garage grumbling to myself that

I'm Just Sayin: Five Trees/Five Wrights, Right!?

Here are our Floridian grand-cuties on a Christmas photo greeting! And here is our daughter, Tabitha's apology or something!  Look at those kids all arm-in-arm! I love it!   (Tabitha! No apology necessary! Please don't be bummed!) However,  I wonder if I'm the one who needs to apologize! When I first got the card I noticed 5 trees which I assumed represented each member of the family. Now, maybe Tab didn't take this into consideration when she finally chose a card, but my obsessive compulsive tendencies noticed the 5 trees and it made perfect sense that each tree represented a family member. It stands to reason... 5 trees/5 family members. I spent some time considering the tree family. If you're really obsessive-compulsive, you may be able to recognize which tree represents which family member! I wonder where Tab gets that obsessive-compulsiveness! "I'm just sayin..."