December 27, 2009

On Our Sunday Drive

Mike wanted to go to Lowe's and I didn't mind, especially since the garden center seems to be vibrant in almost any season!
A gorgeous green succulent

Just look at the orchids that were blooming!

Then Mike sort of "threw a wrench" in the garden gazing and we went to look at tools and stuff...

I know nothing about tools really, except I like the green of Hitachi brand.
The color is not a good enough reason to buy a tool, but if it were up to me...

Ummm. This is pretty. Nice large print, too!

There are many screwdriver sizes.
They hang there very orderly.

These are box-end wrenches.
They come in various sizes too.

Orderly hammers

Rolls of brown paper in the paint department.

It was a colorful Sunday drive.

Another lovely colored and designed orchid


zz said...

Very creative post of your Sunday drive. Never would have thought to take pictures at Lowe's. Colorful indeed.

Olivia Arlene said...

Colorful indeed! 2 thumbs up from me!

Laurie said...

O. and Z.~ Yes, well, I can say that it was almost out of dreary desperation and a need to see color and flowers since Kansas has become winterized with no transforming snows! Oh yes, there is still beauty, but the orchids were certainly quietly giving a show!
I'm glad you appreciated! Thanks!

TAB said...

Great photos and fun pictures of Lowes!

Rachelle said...

haha, thank you for bringing out the 'beauty' in Lowe's. I have spent so much time (and money) there in the last year or so that I had begun to dread going! Maybe now it will look a little different.
Hope 2010 brings you many wonderful blessings!

Laurie said...

I've been where you are and have "had to shop and spend" as we were building, but now, since I'm not directly involved in building, I can lolly-gag in the greenhouse and plant section! Pleasant!
May you get a different new view of Lowes soon!
Happy New Year to you and your family.