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Cookout Potluck in Mosaic

What a lovely day for a picnic. Thanks to Karisa and Denise for taking some of the photographs! Not everyone is pictured. Next time we'll do a group photo and get everyone together! Jill (lower right) gets the prize for making the silliest face! Prize!? What prize?

Mike Looking Through Window

Mike Mosaics

I did mention that I'm organizing photographs? Nothing fancy, but they are separated by years and I'm taking all kinds of trips down Memory Lane as I sort. I'm rather exhausted by the travels! I love seeing these photos of Mike as a boy before we met. I ask him if he thinks we would have been friends if we would have known each other as kids. He says, "Probably, if you could have stood my guts!" I think I could have. Yes, he is a super hero in disguise. Check out all that long auburn hair! And there is a reason Mike is not a cowboy!

Photos from this very day and more fun from Picasa!

Mom, Sean and Eleanor- Sean and Me- Liv, Eleanor and Chloe & Christine and Chloe! Chris, Olivia, Sean, Chloe and Eleanor!

The Great Dalmuti in Picasa Mosaic

This is a revision from the original post. I'm having so much fun with the Picasa Web options, but I'm so sorry that I lost comments in all my revising. I wanted to save comments from the original, but I'm not sure how all that works. Oh dear. Sorry about any confusion. Oh dear!

The Great Dalmuti 2

I reposted this from the post below since Tab helped me make a collage with Picasa Web. Thanks Tab! Seems like there for awhile that anyone who walked through our doors when we lived on Main Street or in the country would be "crowned" into playing The Great Dalmuti card game. Tab and Liv learned it at Kansas Bible Camp, so I'm sure it was a "sanctified version"! We were never exactly sure, but we think the camp version game name had been changed to The Great D.L. Moody! We've always played it with a few decks of Skip-bo cards. The hats designate ranks and positions around the table from the Great Moody to peons or less. Oh my, it's been awhile! I hope Tab and Liv can remember! It's a fun and fast moving game! Anyway, as we've been going through photographs, these were in a packet that seemed too fun to pass up: Seems like there for awhile that anyone who walked through our doors when we lived on Main Street or in the country would be "crowne…

Giggly Tabby and Daddy Quite a Few Years Ago!

I was searching for a different unrelated photo and ran into this one! It seems to capture "just what I'm talkin about" in the post below!

Tab, the Billboard and Whoever Named "Lou"

May I Direct Your Attention to Tabitha's silliness? Oh, that girl!I admit that I'm not much into "bathroom humor". It seems to be "Grade School Humor" that she and her Dad still find funny!! Those two can get going and play off each other so well! I especially liked Tab's thoughts concerning "Lou" since it appeals to my more "dignified word play sensibilities". Ha! (Oh, don't I sound haughty!) I mean in my house growing up, we didn't talk about these things. We referred to "the functions" as: "Going Number 1" or "Going Number 2".Today, Mike told me he is still confused about which number is which function, so that developed into more ridiculous discussion and when Christine came out of her room to find out if the noise she heard was me laughing or crying (she was relieved that I was laughing), I quizzed her on the difference between "Number 1" and "Number 2". She scored 100% a…

More Memorial Day

A Bottle Arbor in Mike's Mom's Garden where we had Dinner this Memorial Day Marylin's Garden: A Water Bird in the Fish Pond Closer A Bunny Amid the Groundcover At the cemetery: Sweet Memorials on Dear Mona's Grave Stone An old headstone inscribed in Swedish which is common on the older stones as well as some newer stones A group of sandstone headstones which is what I told Mike would be fine with me!Sandstone Headstone These also had metal markers with names and dates.An inscription on a Kansas cowboy's Gravestone Metal figures on another cowboy's grave

Memorial Day

Sunday afternoon was spent rambling around Elmwood cemetery. Though we have no family buried here, we have friends who have passed on buried here. We visited graves and talked about death... and eternal life. We also talked with the Cemetery Sextant about the location of graves. She knew most of them without referring to her map. She drove with us to help find a specific grave and she graciously told us some general and specific Elmwood Cemetery history. On Monday we'll visit another cemetery where many on Mike's side of the family are buried. As we drove down the lane on our way out, we passed a couple coming into the cemetery who we hadn't seen for several years. They pulled over. We pulled over and in the midst of catching up, we talked some about the mysteries of heaven and living in the presence of God in glory. What sweet fellowship we enjoyed. Here are some photos taken at Elmwood: It was a mild and beautiful day with gentle breeze giving some life to the flags dec…

Estella Cow Says:

Overall, we live in a friendly town! As Mike and I drive around, we notice friendly wavers! A man sitting on his lawn mower raises his hand in a greeting. A boy crossing the street gives a “head-nod wave“. A woman bouncing a baby in her arms while watching toddlers play in the yard gives a “smiling-eyes wave” saying hello with friendly smiling eyes since her hands are full. The driver of a pick-up truck we pass lifts his pointer finger in the ever popular “index-finger lift (from the steering wheel) wave“. That "index-finger wave" is Mike’s wave. When I’m with Mike driving through town and someone waves who I don’t recognize, I ask, “Who was that?” (I assume Mike knows all the town’s folk.) He may answer, “I don’t know. Some people are just the way I should be.” So I ask, “What do you mean?” He answers, “Friendly.” And I laugh.Though Mike’s "index-finger steering wheel wave" may not be the most enthusiastic, it is a greeting I’ve become accustomed to and appreciat…

The Emptiest Day

This afternoon while listening to tunes on our Zune in the car on "shuffle all songs" mode, this one came up. I don't think I have ever listened to this just once.I listen, then repeat, then sometimes repeat again and I sing along. I even crank it up to listen to the inhaling breath of Derek Webb. Somehow it makes my day less empty.

Stacks of Reminders of the Passage of Time

With Olivia's encouragement and help, progress is being made on organizing photographs into boxes designated by years. We had a nice time looking through, but we agreed that it was very exhausting looking back through the years. So many memories... mostly good ones, but even so, the passage of time in snapshots of moments, days, years and so many memories made us weary... Making some order out of the mess Olivia sorting through a stack of photographs LATER THAT SAME DAY... Aunt Christine gave happy baby Chloe a bathGrandad Mike with Sean and Eleanor

Here's the Thing

A Builder Plants a Garden I'm amused at his unique, but precise planting method! The preferred tool and a packet of seeds Making a furrowA happy gardener

"Come back and wake me up about half past May."

“Spring” “Listen, Frog,” said Toad “How long have I been asleep?” “You have been asleep since November,” said Frog. “Well then,” said Toad, “a little more sleep will not hurt me. Come back and wake me up at about half past May. Good night, Frog..." "Why it is May!” said Toad as he climbed out of bed. Then he and Frog ran outside to see how the world was looking in the spring!" From: Frog and Toad are Friends by Arnold LobelEndearing stories for children and adults!The photo taken in our garden is of our resident toad and toadstool. There has been a real toad in our entryway garden for several weeks. I wonder what I should name him, but end up just calling him "Toad". We used to see a baby frog in the garden also. The frog has since gone away to find water I suspect. But Toad stays close and he is welcome, though I believe the two are missing out on Frog and Toad fun together!

“Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal.”

This post feels a bit more personal than usual, so I'm reminded of one of my favorite quotes by Kathleen Kelly from You've Got Mail "Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal."
Mike is a designer and builder. He enjoys his work and has been employed thus for close to 20 successful years following the footsteps of his dad who has just recently, at age 83, slowed down from designing and building. Mike's homes have always sold either by a custom contract or if he has built a “Spec. Home” it has sold before being finished… until now. This house has been on the market since last May, 2008, which also means that our income has almost come to a halt, which means that we are trying not to panic and to trust in the Lord! Thankfully, the Lord has supplied Mike with some small remodel jobs to help (or test), but we continue to beseech the Lord for: 1. A buyer for the house SOON!
2. Wisdom in the next step if He is leading Mike on to some other form of employm…

Three Roses from Mom and My Thrift Shop Treasure "Hat Lady Vase"

I met my Mom and Dad for coffee and a muffin this afternoon. We meet in a small town between my home town where they live and Mike's home town where I now live, which is now my home town too! Mom brought me two pink roses and a bicolored orange rose from their gardens! How sweet! When I got home I snipped some dill and some bloom from our Walker's Catmint and gave them a home in this "Hat Lady Vase" which has its own story! There was a quaint, but very expensive boutique I liked to browse in. I'd browse because I couldn't afford to buy, until the frustration (coveting) became too great, then I stopped browsing! The shop sold all sizes of the type of vase you see pictured and I rather enjoyed these vases, but gasped and cringed a bit when I peeked at the prices! It wasn't long when while shopping at the Goodwill, I saw this sweet vase for at least 75% less than the original price! I also found one at Tuesday Morning for 60% less. Yes, the hat gals are rath…

There's Not A Single Inch Of Our Whole Body...

Susannaby Anne Porter
Nobody in the hospital 
Could tell the age
Of the old woman who 
Was called Susanna 
I knew she spoke some English 
And that she was an immigrant 
Out of a little country trampled by armies 
Because she had no visitors I would stop by to see her 
But she was always sleeping 
All I could do was to get out her comb 
And carefully untangle the tangles in her hair
One day I was beside her when she woke up
Opening small dark eyes of a surprising clearness she looked at me and said 
You want to know the truth? I answered Yes  
She said it's something that My mother told me 
There's not a single inch of our whole body that the Lord does not love  
She then went back to sleep.

April Showers Brought May Flowers (and more rain!)

No, not flowers, but Spring rain caught in a rock and two left-over Autumn leavesMrs. Petunia Fragrant Pinks: A favorite Johnny Jump-Ups! (Violas)Dainty ground cover transplanted from Mom and Dad's garden Sweet reddish pink rock garden flowersHappy Yellow flowers of some variety! (And a sideways photo! I don't know why.)A clay pot of the sweetest impatiens Gotta love red geraniums!Hmmm. This happy little dandelion weed is posing as a flower in our garden!