December 23, 2009

I'm Just Sayin: Five Trees/Five Wrights, Right!?

Here are our Floridian grand-cuties on a Christmas photo greeting! And here is our daughter, Tabitha's apology or something! 
Look at those kids all arm-in-arm! I love it!  
(Tabitha! No apology necessary! Please don't be bummed!)
However,  I wonder if I'm the one who needs to apologize! When I first got the card I noticed 5 trees which I assumed represented each member of the family. Now, maybe Tab didn't take this into consideration when she finally chose a card, but my obsessive compulsive tendencies noticed the 5 trees and it made perfect sense that each tree represented a family member. It stands to reason... 5 trees/5 family members. I spent some time considering the tree family. If you're really obsessive-compulsive, you may be able to recognize which tree represents which family member!
I wonder where Tab gets that obsessive-compulsiveness!
"I'm just sayin..."


zoanna said...

They are absolutely adorable. I would've reasoned like you, five trees/five family members. The star overhead is either Dad or baby? I read Tab's post. Sounds like something I'd do (obsess and then be disappointed as the sender) but as recipient all I look at are faces. And Walgreens isn't going to offer a flip-flops or swimsuit border, are they, in December (except in Hawaii??). I love the personalities shining thru the expressions.

TAB said...

That's the card I chose!!!! Ha ha! I just picked it because it was blue to go w/ the ocean. And I did like the blue trees but hadn't even counted them!!!!!!
I'd say the tree w/ the star is me! I'm the crowning glory right? LOL!!!!
I don't know who the trees are...maybe you're just a tad more obssesive compulsive than me?? Hee hee!
Thanks Mom, for the encouragement, and the chuckles!

Laurie said...

Tab- Bingo! You ARE the tree with the star! The "crowning glory" and the Lovely "Big Mama"!
The order is:
James (the "big one")
Naomi (the "littlest")
Marcail (a near twin to your other side)
Tab (Star Mom)
Henry (a near twin to Marcail, but ditinctly different!)
Silly, I know, but fun!

Laurie said...


Laurie said...

OCD says, "Try again!"... "distinctly" :)
Oh dear!