December 25, 2009

Christmas Faces

Love, sweet love...

Mike and Chloe

Chloe and me

My Dad

My Mom

My dear Dad and Mom

Steve, my brother

Ben, my nephew

John, my brother

Cyndi, John's wife

Emily, my neice (John and Cyndi)

Dad and Emily working on a tricky triangle puzzle

Olivia (Kansas) talking to her sister,
Tabitha (Florida) on the phone

Chris, Liv's husband

Chris and Sean with that whacked-out puzzle



Eleanor and Christine

Julie, Mike's sister

Nathan, Julie's son

Silly Sean and me


zz said...

Beautiful close-ups! I wish I'd taken the time to zoom in on my family members' faces this year. You look perfectly pleased, Laurie, with your kids and grandcuties around:) What blessings!

Laurie said...

Thanks. All those struggles seem to diminish when we consider Christ and have the added blessing of a a bundle of love in your arms and loved ones near! Blessings!

TAB said...

Love seeing those faces!

P.S. The word verification is "grami"...

Laurie said...

Tab~ "Grami"? No kidding!