April 26, 2012

A Time for Pink-Sparkle Slippers

A time for pink sparkle slippers *

A time to dream

A time to handle the earth
and play in the dirt

A time to rest

A time for communication, reminders & photographs *

A time to consider-

A time to keep

A time to … what?
A time to keep it real?
A time to keep it scary? *

Thankfully there is 
a time for pink-sparkle slippers! *

* Eleanor's photos


Olivia said...

OK, this literally made me LOL! ;)

Laurie said...

Ya gotta laugh, ya know?!

TAB said...

It's too cute and I love it!!!!

tsbjf said...

Keepin it real, word. :) I like this post! Hayley likes taking pictures of things she likes too, so I totally get the pink shoe pics by Eleanor. They are pretty!