April 19, 2012

Here's the Thing: MS Mess and Mobility

I've mentioned my struggles with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) here before.
I'm not sure why I don't write about it more often, but I think the primary reason is that every time I try to iron it out in my mind, it gets more messy and wrinkled.
I stammer and stutter trying to settle my MS mess. 

It has been over a decade since I was diagnosed with the disease. 
So, why write about it now?
I would rather ignore it, forget about it and compartmentalize it away, but it is too real to ignore. 
It has affected almost every part of my life in one way or another.

I'd say that the most obvious change has been that I am rarely without wheels.
 Using a mobility device is a new normal.


Before I knew what MS was
I did cartwheels 
Ran racing with my daughter full speed down the country road 
Tap Danced (my version) from kitchen to patio 
Rushed through life and never gave physical limitations a second thought; 
Now that I know what MS is 
Cartwheels stay off the ground
But always in my mind!             

The Active Walker is my primary mobility device:


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I had no idea you had MS! My youngest son's birth mom has MS, but since she is not in his life, I don't know much about it or how it affects her.

TAB said...

I grieve for your loss, Mom..I struggle with your new normal FOR you. If I could take your burden, I would. I am praying for God's grace and strength for you...I know you process this MS junk at all times so I pray that He would give you wisdom and understanding.
His grace is sufficient.

tsbjf said...

I didn't realize it has been so long, over a decade. I'm glad you wrote about it. Reading the wikipedia version of MS is a little confusing, it seems like it can affect so many different things, probably different for every person. I know writing sometimes helps me process things.

Olivia said...

I'm thinking you should get a yellow one!