May 5, 2010

Along the Road: Town and Country


VW Beetle Downtown Lindsborg

Gazebo on the edge of town

"Tree Man" in a Cemetery
(Can you see him?)

Peony buds
Esping barn and chickens

Christine drove and I snapped photos. We went out to two different cemeteries to visit the graves of friends who have gone before us then we drove to the
Esping farm to get some delicious goat milk.
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Rachelle said...

Again...pretty pictures. You have the eye of an artist! Love the "chickens picture" and want to the the peonies in full bloom. I confess, I don't see the man, well maybe, but he is awfully ugly! Have a great day!

Laurie said...

Thanks Rachelle!
I can't seem to draw much or paint, so thanks for saying that!
The Ugly tree-man.
Yeah, he's hard to see. It's more of a glance-and-see idea, but the first knot is his mouth and pig snout type nose. His eyes are above that... I'm not sure what the extra hole in his head is about.
I guess it is part of a hat?
It's perfectly fine if you still can't see him. Maybe my imagination is too fired up on this one!

Olivia Arlene said...

Nice! I like it all. I'd like to see the peonies in full bloom also!

TAB said...

But, I really like that bug!

zz said...

Great shots, one and all. When I saw the shot you called "Tree Man", I saw a horse face. I like the chickens running out of the shot.

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