May 29, 2010

Robin's Back and The Hens and Chicks Hatched!

We noticed the robin rebuilding her nest. We had taken it down once before, but not this time! She is one determined mother. She is SET. All the time I was snapping her photo, she was resolute and did not budge from her nest.
She's staying! 
 And I hope she has many snug and warm blue eggs that hatch baby Robins!

And Surprise!


Our "Hens and chicks" hatched a sweet pink flower!

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Olivia Arlene said...

How funny! I like how you transitioned very smoothly into the Hens and Chicks from the Robin's nest!

TAB said...

Sweet mama bird nesting her eggs.
Pretty flower from the hens and chicks!
Nice photos mom.

zz said...

That mama robin is set in her ways, for sure. I love how protective mothers are, don't you? The way God made us to guard our offspring. Granted, I've been tempted to EAT mine from time to time, but usually I'm sane.

Pretty hens 'n chicks. Clever segue, I agree. You are a Word Bird.

Laurie said...

Zoanna- You are clever yourself!~
and ya crack me up!

Tab-Thanks! Love ya!

Liv- Thanks for the compliment. Love ya!

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