May 11, 2010

More Photos "Lagore"

I mean Photos "Galore". "Lagore" is a backwards-ish way of saying "galore" that Christine used to mix up and say when she was young.
We liked it, so it stuck.

Livi Lou, our daughter and the mama of three blessings!
(She is expecting their fourth baby in September!)
Sean thought it was great fun to vacuum! He thought it was cool that our vacuum was orange, his favorite color! He asked his Mom if they could get one like Grammy's. He said he would vacuum all the time. The vacuum is rechargable. He used it until the charge ran out. He says he wants to use it again when he comes over next! Can ya dig Christine and Chloe's shiny eyes in the background? Maybe I shoulda cropped, but Ha! I liked the effect! Weird.
I also like the green lighter placed temptingly on the end table. I lit a candle that Christine got me for Mother's Day and I forgot to put the lighter away.
Before he left, Sean picked up the lighter, showed it to his sisters and announced, "We aren't supposed to touch this, okay?"
Vacuum Boy
Sean pushed Eleanor around on my "Active Walker"

Eleanor and the vacuum 

Eleanor and her purple pet pegasus
Eleanor in Grammy's glasses
Eleanor and Tyrone from the Backyardigans

Happy Chloe with a bunged up nose and forehead which happened when she fell headlong on the patio earlier in the day. Ouch! But after getting back up, dusting herself off and crying only briefly, she was ready to resume play!
Chloe with the Purple Pegasus
When Chloe is serious about getting comfy she gathers her favorite stuffed dog, Wraggles, and her paci, then she climbs up on Grandad's lap. Sweet.
Chloe, Aunt Christine and Wraggles
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Olivia Arlene said...

Fun day and cute post! Thanks mom :-) I needed a smile and a laugh today.

TAB said...

Sean is cracking me up!!

Chris said...

Our kids used to do that, too--put the middle consonant at the beginning of the word.


I'll have to post the others after I dust the cobwebs out of my brain and remember them...

Also, with a different pattern--lasterday instead of yesterday

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