December 3, 2010

Autumn's Merrymaking

Kansas in Autumn after most leaves have been blown from trees
reveals a barer and braver landscape. 
Now with the leafy curtains blown away, 
what was sheltered just a few weeks ago is exposed. 

An old sign yard that Mike recently discovered near Probuild and Crane Rental.
When we were in the area together today, he shared this funky spot with me.
I love these glimpses of history!

Signs in a Line

Stacks of Signs

Old Pump Conversion

Supreme and Sublime Artistry


Zoanna said...

Beautiful pics, as always. Kansas, to me, is blue and gold in my mind.
Love the old pump mailbox. Wow. And I guess Mike knows that old aluminum signs are really hot right now?!

Olivia Arlene said...

Very cool! I love Kansas!

TAB said...

Those are the coolest pics!!!