December 27, 2010

Everydayness is Never Dull

Great Grandad Dale (Mike's Dad) and Nay Nay, Marky, Tab and Hen Hen


Nay Nay and my delightful and colorful surprise pillow from Zoanna
(I'm lovin' it, Zo! Thanks!)

Henry with a bandaid on his chinny chin chin

Marcail lookin' at a toy mirror. She kept wanting me to look at myself and as I did I acted scared silly at the sight. She followed suit...

and cracked herself up! I don't know where Marcail gets her fun-lovin' silliness...

...Could be she gets it from her Mama!

Grandad Dale and the kids were playing catch with a beanbag fish.
Marcail is cracking up again. I'd stand on my head for her robust giggle!
Naomi was having her turn with the suction dart gun. She is aiming at the target Mike taped to the fridge.


TAB said...

I LOVE these photos.
side note: I am such a dork!

Zoanna said...

You sure do catch the best things on camera, Laurie. I can feel the fun. I bet the kids will remember your remember your kitchen as a great big dance floor!

Hey, I'm reassured now about the pillow. Glad you're lovin' it (and, I see, it goes with your granddaughter's shirt in that picture!)

Anonymous said...

Fabulous shots, Laurie! Your family is so fun. :-)

Laurie said...

Tab- You ARE such a dork! I wonder where you get that!? ; )

Zo- The pillow is perfect! It makes me smile with gratitude!

Laurel- Thanks! I'm thinking this family is fun... and a bit quirky!