July 15, 2010

Chris, Cleome and a Train

Olivia, Chris, Eleanor, Chloe and Sean

Christine, Chloe, Eleanor, Mike and Sean

Mike, Christine and I stayed with the kids while Chris and Liv went out to eat in celebration of Chris's b-day!
Fun times!

Who wants to wait for a train? Usually we don't. But when we had to stop for this train on our way home it proved to be a perfect photo opportunity!

 Showy Cleome in Lindsborg
I'd noticed it growing and finally the lighting was ripe for a photo or two!

While uploading the train photos a song came to mind from childhood somewhere. It reminded me of my brothers.
Mike doesn't remember the song. Anyone else heard it before?

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Olivia Arlene said...

Thanks so much for keeping the kids! Nice train pix :-)

TAB said...

Very nice photos!!!!!